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The Modern Supply Chain (1st semester 20/21)

Within each working environment there’s chains of events, supply chains. From companies that make and transport materials to governments that own the public domain and leisure-, entertainment- or other companies that make people smile, enjoying the good things of life. Students that subscribe for this minor will learn and experience, based on a theoretical framework, together with actively participating companies, what it takes to design and implement innovations within existing supply chains and their respective organizations. Students work together in so-called learning communities with people from real companies to design a new set-up of existing supply chains, based on innovations and/or identified improvement after they’ve obtained approval from respective management teams. Organizational, financial and operational aspects will be taken into account during the design and implementation phases.    


At the end of this minor the student is able to: 

  1. Apply knowledge and theories about supply chain management gathered earlier during previous years -> Application 
  2. Review a supply chain related problem or challenge of a company or organisation within the broader context of that company or organisation (strategic/tactical/operational) -> Comprehension 
  3. Outline the importance/value of finding a solution for a.m. problem/challenge -> Comprehension 
  4. Establish the detailed objectives and a step-by-step approach for achieving a possible design -> Analysis 
  5. Create the business case that justifies working on this design -> Analysis 
  6. Develop a design (artefacts) for the solution by combining different elements of supply chain management into a new pattern/structure -> Creation  
  7. Demonstrate the value of created solution in a suitable context -> Creation 
  8. Validate the value of created solution in the broader context of supply chain thinking within the company/organisation -> Evaluation
  9. Present/sell the solution in order to create buy-in/persuade from all stakeholders within the organisation ->  Evaluation 

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Contributing to a design- and implementation process of something tangible in a logistics/ supply chain related company, which solves an issue or covers an opportunity within a real-life company 

Structure of the minor

You will participate in various workshops and meetings which are organized around themes, which turn out to be common for all teams: Behavior, Project Management, and Strategy & Innovation are a few of them. You will also work as a team inside the organization of the company that has the problem/challenge. It is your job to apply the knowledge of the workshops and the learnings from previous years to your (design-improvement-/change-)project.

Teaching methods

Lectures, workshops, group work, coaching (individual/team), self-study, literature research

International context

The projects take place in the Netherlands, some projects might also have an international component due the atmosphere in which the companies work.


Travel cost to and from companies, where/with whom the projects will be executed.


2-3 years foreknowledge Logistics / Supply chain Management


You will receive numerical grades for several deliverables. You will spend approximately half of your time on group work (your design-/implementation experience) and half of your time on individual assignments. Concerning the group work, you need to deliver a final group report and a final group presentation (e.g. demo). Concerning the individual work, there will be several assignments which are under construction as we speak.