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Designing a Future Proof Supply Chain (1st semester 22/23)

Now that we are climbing out of a a pandemic, it becomes even more clear that practice is more unruly than how you learned it all in theory. That certainly applies to the principle of the supply chain in which everyone is dependent on each other in an international context. In this minor you will work with a group of students on a challenging case study for one of our industry partners. You learn how to deal with changes and how to innovate within existing supply chains. 

In this minor theory and practice come together. As a team of students, you will be matched with a company in the industry for which you come up with innovative ideas to strengthen the company's current supply chain and to be able to meet future challenges. You will work with your fellow students and the company in a learning community in which you are challenged to think outside the box and to be flexible and proactive. You will have to use all your creativity and imagination to find a suitable solution for your client. 


At the end of this minor you will be able to:  

  • Apply knowledge and theories about project-, change and supply chain management 
  • Review a supply chain related problem or challenge of a company or organisation within the broader context of that company or organisation (strategic/tactical/operational);  
  • Outline the importance/value of finding a solution for a.m. problem/challenge;  
  • Establish the detailed objectives and a step-by-step approach for achieving a possible design   
  • Create the business case that justifies working on this design (iterative process);  
  • Define and apply a full fletch design science research methodology, based on different theories; Apply a systematic literature review, including data-collection and analysis on validity and reliability.  
  • Develop a design (artefacts) for the solution by combining different elements of supply chain management into a new pattern/structure;  
  • Demonstrate the value of created solution in a suitable context;  
  • Validate the value of created solution in the broader context of supply chain thinking within the company/organisation 
  • Present/sell the solution to create buy-in, persuading all stakeholders within the organisation 
  • Deliver an applied science paper in a supply chain magazine. 


2-3 year foreknowledge Logistics / Supply Chain Management

Propaedeutic certificate obtained


“The Design Thinking Toolbox - a guide to mastering the most popular and valuable innovation methods”; Lewrick/Link/Leifer (ISBN 978-1-119-62919-1)  


The team coach assesses the team's performance based on the three deliverables. The weight of a particular part is stated in the overview above. Grades can be: 10 (excellent), 9 or 8 (good), 7 or 6 (sufficient) or 5 or lower (insufficient). To pass the minor, the average must be 5.5 or higher. Each deliverable can be resubmitted within two weeks after feedback in consultation with the team coach. All products to be delivered must be submitted digitally. 

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Researching, examining and experiencing new technologies and tools to define, design, test and implement solutions to real life problems or challenges that companies in the industry have in optimizing their respective supply chains. 

Interviewing- and presentation/pitching skills will be (further) developed. Real life project management will be trained and applied to deliver good and expected outcomes for all stakeholders involved. Core treats from change management will be practiced to ensure that teams leave sustainable improvements behind. 



Strategy & Innovation, Design Science, Integrated Technology, Business Implementation, Presentation- and Pitching skills, Online/offline information gathering, sharing and analysis, Business Intelligence, Stakeholder-/Risk-/Project-/Program-/Change-/Time Management, Business Model Canvas, Consultancy, Personal- and Professional Development,   


Teaching method(s): 

In joint workshops and meetings, themes are discussed that are relevant for all teams, such as Project Management, Stakeholder Management, Risk Management, Strategy & Innovation, Design Science, Integrated Business Technology, Business Implementation and Presentation and Pitching Skills. Furthermore, you are offered guest lectures, Q&A’s and feedback sessions. In addition, you work as a team in your client's organisation to develop a possible solution to the problem or challenge the company is experiencing. In this design-, improvement- or change process, you use the knowledge you have gained in the workshops and meetings, as well as the knowledge from previous academic years 


International context 

Supply chains operate mostly worldwide, which is why this minor has an international scope. For practical reasons, the projects that students work on are carried out in the Netherlands, but for internationally operating companies.