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Esports Event and Media Management (1st semester 20/21)

Through a combination of theory and practice students learn about creating, managing, and strategically employing esports as an online and on-sight event.


Overall objectives are (1) esports expertise, (2) esports production and (3) esports as a means:

1. The student knows about the ins and outs of the esports industry and develops the competencies necessary to manage esports productions in its many current and future forms (esports expertise)

2. The student is able to create, produce, manage, and innovate in such a way that they can be the link between different domains in order to create a blended (offline and online) experience (esports events and media production)

3. The student is able to employ esports as a means (to engage and reach a target audience, to build/strengthen community, and to achieve social inclusion)

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Project management, Media management, Operational Management, Imagineering, Concepting, experience design, research, business modelling, marketing, branding, media design, law


 Esports concepts and fundamentals
 Esports game and technology perspectives
 Esports experience design
 Esports event and media production
 Esports experience research
 Esports business and management models
 Esports branding, marketing and communities
 Esports legal, law and IP challenges 

Structure of the minor 

Initial 8 weeks of theory and weekly production of and participation in small esports tournaments. After 8 weeks students take a knowledge test about the theory and they start with their final 8 weeks of working on a real-life industry project. Throughout the entirety of the minor students must individually work on a strategic proposal in which they advise a client about employing esports as a means. 

Teaching method(s)

The esports minor is grounded in a learning community in which students, teachers and the industry together work on and learn from esports projects. Furthermore, lectures and workshops are given by different experts from different academic backgrounds to cover the breadth of esports from different angles. 

International context 

Esports is a global phenomenon and is deeply rooted in the online world (esports doesn’t know borders) and is international at its core (it’s a global phenomenon) and will be taught and approached as such. Expertise as well as assignments will have a strong international focus. 


4th year student 
Students from related study programmes, preferably from Fontys, Hogeschool Rotterdam & HU


Written exam esports (10 EC), individual project (5 EC), group projects (10 EC + 5 EC).


Schulz’s Esports is Business (2019) as well as a mix of articles/slides/chapters related to esports in combination with the fundamental, domain specific knowledge from the domains of Leisure & Events and Games/Media management