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Esports Event & Media Management (1st semester 22/23)

One of the most upcoming and exciting developments in the world of entertainment and events: esports. While relatively young, esports is making a lasting imprint in the video game industry and the event industry. Our vision is that Breda University of Applied Sciences positions itself as a centre of esports expertise and learning through a multidisciplinary, cross-domain and learning community approach in order to be the frontrunner of this burgeoning industry. The guiding principle will be to make esports at BUas a learning community: students, industry and lecturers share the common goal to learn from each other, with each other. Student will not only develop, produce and create their own esports event, but will look on a much broader scale and will delve in all aspects in this exciting and upcoming industry from a management and business perspective.  


Overall objectives are (1) esports expertise, (2) esports production and (3) esports strategic means

  1. The student knows about the ins and outs of the esports industry and develops the competencies necessary to manage esports productions in its many current and future forms (esports industry expertise
  2. The student is able to create, produce, manage, and innovate in such a way that they can be the link between different domains (events, media and games) in order to create a hybrid & on-site and online) experience (esports events and media production)
  3. The student is able to employ esports as a strategic means (use esports to attain business goals) 


Propaedeutic certificate obtained. 

Students from related study programmes, preferably from Fontys, Hogeschool Rotterdam & HU. 

Marketing, event management, creative business, speco and only 3rd and 4th year students


esports is Business (Scholz, 2019) 

esports observer articles 

esports Events (Verhaar, 2021) 


There are three assessments during this minor: 

  1. GameDay @BUas (group) – esports event production 
  2. Individual Project (individual) – written document 
  3. Industry Project (group) – project materials, written document and esports event production 

Aanvullende informatie


This minor relates to courses and projects taught in both Academy for Leisure and Events and Academy for Games and Media in terms of marketing, events management, project management, law, copyright & trademark, business models, financial management, game design and client relationship. The minor builds upon the disciplines taught in both academies to establish and build upon gained competences in order to prepare students for the ongoing development of the esports industry. In addition, student will also experience and are responsible for the live production of their own esports event and for their industry client.  


Structure of the minor 

The minor structure is divided in three phases. 

  1. First two weeks are Bootcamp weeks. In the first week you will be introduced to a large range of topics and content, and experience all the fundamentals. In the second week, you will delve into media (esports) production and pitch your bootcamp concept. 
  2. For the 6 weeks after, each week will be dedicated to one theme to further enrich your knowledge and content, from Game Design to Business, to Experience Research and Legal. During these six weeks, your own GameDay will take place. This is the production of your esports tournament according to the concept you created yourself. 
  3. In the second half of the minor, you will work on your individual component and group project for a real life client. This project deals with using esports in a strategical way and the production of  an esports event.  


Teaching method(s): 

Several teaching methods are used, depending on the topic and teacher this can differ, examples of teaching methods are: 

  • Lectures 
  • Workshops 
  • Event production 
  • Project supervision 

During the minor, all official documents, hand-in and minor information will be published on Microsoft Teams. This also applies for the lecture slides and additional materials if applicable. Students are also expected to hand in their work in Microsoft Teams.  

In terms of communication, e-mail is the official line of communication. In addition, supervision will be done via scheduled feedback session. During the minor, communication regarding projects and written feedback will be communicated via Microsoft Teams (a separate, and own unique esports channel is provided during the first lecture week of the minor). In this channel, students and staff can ask and answer questions relating to the minor, kept up-to-date regarding announcements and will act as a communication and supervision tool. For formative feedback (review and feedback on your assignment that is not being assessed) the hand-in will be also done via Microsoft Teams. 


International context 

During the minor, students will work in multidisciplinary teams of students with an international background. In addition, staff & lecturers are international in terms of their country of origin and knowledge they bring to the table. The minor is entirely in English – from communication to lecturers to assignments. In terms of international content, esports as a whole will be the focus, from the US to Europe to Asia. Lecturers provide international examples and industry cases to highlight course material and content.