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Storytelling & Experiences (1st semester 20/21)

In this minor, you will be working on real-life assignments for real-life companies. Your group is the only group who will work on this assignment. This means a big responsibility! Key words are intrinsic motivation, independence, and a  pro-active attitude.

It is a very broad minor: we have projects related to marketing, communication, concept development, storytelling, etc. Although our name is ‘Storytelling & Experience’, not every project has a storytelling element! It can also be more marketing and CRM related.

We pay a lot of attention to the research phase of the project, because this is the foundation of a good professional end product.

Besides the assignments in the project or factory minor, we will offer you our specific course on (the newest insights in) CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and in Consumer Behavior.

We will also provide you with some masterclasses of Storytelling projects that have been done by BUAS-researchers. 


Writing a research proposal: analyzing the management problem and translating it into a research problem;

Applying the theoretical concepts of Storytelling, CRM and Consumer Behavior in the assignments (if relevant for your project);

Conducting the research according to the research proposal. This research can be quantitative, qualitative and/or design research.

Making the recommendations concrete in a professional product, like a marketing plan, communication plan, storyline, experience concept, etc.

Presenting the research plan, the progress during the process, and the professional product to the commissioner.

Aanvullende informatie


Project Management

Structure of the minor

In different group structures, you will be working on more assignments at the same time. Project management is very important in the factory! The assignments in the factory are only in Dutch!

Teaching Method(s)


Meetings with your supervisor, once or twice a week. We are working with collaborative learning: the student is in the lead. We are talking about getting advice or feedback from your supervisor during the process.

Masterclasses on Storytelling (in English);

Lectures and guest lectures on our course CRM and Consumer Behavior (in English) 


students from related study programmes, preferably from Fontys, Hogeschool Rotterdam & HU


Research report, Professional product, presentations, evaluation of the commissioner, peer evaluation.

Course CRM and Consumer Behavior:
Multiple choice exam with 50 questions, in November and in December 2020.



English: Peelen, E. and Beltman, R. (2013). Customer Relationship Management (2nd Edition); ISBN: 9780273774952

Nederlandstalig: Peelen, E. (2009). Customer Relationship Management (3e editie); ISBN 978-90-430-1675-9 . Remark: this book is out of print but the electronic version is available by and the book is available in in the NHTV library.

The complete book of CRM will be assessed during the exam, except following chapters of the Dutch book (by Peelen): 13, 14, 16, 17 and following chapters of the English book (by Peelen and Beltman): 10, 14, 16.


Consumer Behavior:


Nederstigt, J. & T. Poiesz (2018). Consumentengedrag, Noordhoff, 7e druk. 978-90-01-88684-4.  Hoofdstuk 1, 2, 5 t/m 12, 14, 17, 18);


Solomon, M.R. (2018). Consumer Behavior: Buying, Having, and Being, twelfth edition, global edition. Boston: Pearson. 978-1-292-15310-0.  Chapter 1, 3 – 14.