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Strategic Events Management (1st semester 20/21)

The minor will teach you to work on different projects for real life commissioners.Therefor, a highly professional attitude is required. You steer your own learning process. Next to that, you will follow workshops, guest lectures and fieldtrips with a focus on the meaning of events for brands and cities.


1. Ontwikkelen van en conceptueel model voor een opdrachtgever
2. Organiseren van een stakeholder meeting (human dimension)
3. Beheersen van de competenties Stakeholder management, Design en Marketing, en Leisure Productions binnen de context Events en Placemaking
4. Begrijpen en empathisch zijn in relatie tot verschillende stakeholders
5. Ontwikkelen van een strategische professionele blik op event management en placemaking
6. Ontwikkelen van je zelf-reflectie-vaardigheden (Professional Ontwikkelings Plan)

Aanvullende informatie


Design and Marketing, Stakeholder management (Imagineering) 


Events and placemaking
Placemaking and place branding
Partnerships and stakeholders
Marketing, branding and events
Bidding and pitching
Impact of events
Sustainability and events
Business models and events 

Structure of the minor

1 semester
Twice a week supervised meetings
Guest lectures and workshops along the way during 8 weeks in total

Teaching method(s)

Project factory: Supervised meetings, guest lectures, field trips. All with real life commissioners. Small and large projects with different time lines.
Course: guest lectures and workshops 

International context

Some guest lectures or field trips are in English/international


3 years of bachelor program within the domain of tourism, leisure or events.

students from related study programmes, preferably from Fontys, Hogeschool Rotterdam & HU


Portfolio, oral exam, project assessments


Het event als strategisch marketing instrument – Gerritsen, D. Olderen, R. Van, Coutinho, 2017


in English:
The event as a strategic marketing tool – Gerritsen, D. Olderen, R. van, CABI, 2014 (or 2020 if available)