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Experience Design & Innovation (1e semester 22/23 - Nederlands)

== deze minor wordt zowel in het Engels als in het Nederlands aangeboden ==

The world around us is changing rapidly. Everything and everyone is getting more and more connected. In this complex world people are looking for transforming experiences. We design and innovate experiences from an Imagineering perspective.  

We need new approaches for new challenges. Imagineering is a new approach. Imagineering is a blend of imagination and engineering. You facilitate creative sessions of stakeholders using their imagination, but you also design and innovate experiences.  

Examples of recent clients: event organization, museum, theme park, health organization, municipality 

In the Project Factory you work on several projects of different clients and on developing skills of an Experience expert.  


  • designing and managing creative sessions serving to identify and generate creative / innovative ideas 
  • translating the output of creative sessions into an experience concept or experience platform that logically arises from the DNA 
  • designing and innovating experiences, both products and processes 
  • actively acquiring support within and outside the organization to implement the concept 


Propaedeutic certificate obtained


Books & online:  

Diane Nijs e.a. (2019) – Advanced Imagineering 

Byttebier - (2002) Creativiteit Hoe? Zo! / (2015) Creativity in Business 

Van Dam and Ouwens (2018) – X sheets (internal BUas document) Imagineering and Design Research 


Individual Portfolio assessment: during the minor you collect proof in your Experience Portfolio for growing as an Experience Designer and Innovator. In the oral exam you proof you are competent.  

Course: Assessment per workshop, the average grade is your final grade for the course. 

Aanvullende informatie


Design & Marketing and Stakeholder Management 



Imagineering perspective 

ABCDEF innovation model 

ACTIVE approach 

Design Thinking 

Design research 

Facilitating creative sessions 

Creating memorable and transformative concepts 

Designing and innovating experiences 



Structure of the minor 

Project Factory and course: In the Project Factory Experience Design and Innovation you work on several smaller and larger project assignments. In the learning community you develop your Experience expert skills. In the course you take part in workshops Experience Design and Innovation to deepen your knowledge. 


Teaching method(s): 

In the Learning Community students, clients and experts work and learn together. 


International context 

This minor is all about different perspectives. If international students subscribe, we offer projects with an international context. 



€100 for study materials and field trips 

(excl. travel costs to for example clients and stakeholders)