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Storytelling in Experience Design (1e semester 23/24 - Nederlands)

== deze minor wordt zowel in het Engels als in het Nederlands aangeboden ==

The world around us is changing rapidly. In this complex world people are searching for meaningful experiences. BUas is the place to learn how to design live experiences. In experience design we combine the power of both Storytelling and Imagineering.

What is Imagineering?
We need new approaches for new challenges. Imagineering is a new approach. Imagineering is a blend of imagination and engineering. It’s about using your imagination and engineering it, or in other words: designing the experience. You can’t do this alone. You need collective creativity to design unique experiences.

The origin of Storytelling goes back 10.000s of years to the sharing of campfire stories. Via books, theatres and movies, storytelling nowadays also became part of theme parks, events, games and media. Storytelling techniques can be applied to enhance live experiences. Storytelling can add extra meaning to experiences.

Working with real clients
In the Project Factory of the minor Storytelling in Experience Design you work on several group projects for different real-life clients and on developing skills of a creative expert. Examples of recent clients: museum, theatre, health organisation, municipality, city marketing organisation, nature park, destination marketing organisation and travel organisation. The team of lecturers is looking forward working with you and the clients in September 2023!


• Developing creative thinking and a creative mindset
• Designing live experiences as collective creation
• Co-designing live experiences enhanced with storytelling
• Applying storytelling techniques in the design of various live experiences
• Facilitating the process of relevant stakeholders in story experience design
• Prototyping and testing ideas


Propaedeutic certificate obtained


Books & online:
Byttebier - (2022) Creativiteit Hoe? Zo! / (2015) Creativity in Business
Van Dam (2018) – X-sheets (internal BUas document) Imagineering, Storytelling and Design Research


Propaedeutic certificate obtained

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