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Humanity faces huge challenges. Time to make impact now! (1st semester 23/24)

Imagine and perform alternative futures now!
Do you feel anxiety about increasing global societal issues such as housing, lack of voice, inequalities in health and education? Or does climate change or loss of biodiversity speak to you? In this minor, we challenge you to make change happen now. Do these diverse issues, visualised in United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (combining attention for the social foundation and the ecological possibilities of the Earth, speak to your heart? Are you open-minded to and hopeful that we as humanity can address these global challenges? Do you want to make a creative contribution to change right now? Then this minoris perfect for you.

This minor will enable you to learn how to bring change. You will work on a challenging project addressing the societal challenges. In this minor you will focus on creatively co-creating value-based alternatives for societal challenges. Some examples: You can work on changing the local food system (for example addressing food waste in restaurants). You can develop ecologically diverse urban spaces (where doing sports is an integral activity)? You can improve the health of people by interacting differently with your direct living environment?
You will:
- work on a real-life project in groups of 4 to 5 students;
- we challenge you to bring your own project; ideas for projects need to be handed in by                  students before May 20th; to be sent to mail addresses below.
- join and contribute to TOPIC – meetings in the Designs of the Social Innovation track
- develop your project in interactive LAB sessions with students, lecturers and external experts
- evolve your individual qualities to bring (transformative) change in society

Ideally, you continue your contribution to the real-life project in the
graduation phase or in your work after graduation.


You are able to:
- design and execute a project aiming for real societal change
- co-create with other students and multiple stakeholders in society
- reflect on values related to performing of alternative futures
- gather information using all kinds of creative research methods; e.g. design research and            participatory action research


Propaedeutic certificate obtained


To be decided


1 - co-organising an exhibition in week 6 + 15/16, gathering feedback on project plans from               students, experts, industry representatives

2 - writing a reflection report (max. 3 A4; input for assessment interview)

3 - a shareable (based on inputs developed throughout the minor, such as creative portfolio,             paper, blogs, scrapbook, performance book)

4 - an individual interview of 1 hour;

All points will be integrated into one final mark.

Aanvullende informatie

Upon successful completion of the minor, you will be capable of: creating experiences in which diverse stakeholders learn to relate in new ways