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Digital Marketing in the Tourism Sector (1st semester 22/23)

Do you embrace upcoming and developing technologies to find new ways in tourism business? In this minor you will work on the skills, strategies and mindset which are required to operate as a digital expert in a turbulent and fast-changing industry.


What is it all about?

Throughout the customer journey, travellers have moved online to fulfil their needs. Inspiration, search, purchase as well as sharing activities have changed to online alternatives, and many traditional tourism businesses are left playing catch up. This impact on the tourism industry cannot be underestimated and the recent global pandemic has only increased the speed at which these developments take place.


The industry is in urgent need of digital marketing professionals that can apply and manage state of the art digital tools from both a practical and a strategic perspective. They will require high level digital knowledge and skills to operate confidently in the new reality of the tourism sector.


In this minor you will learn to recognize digital drivers of change, and how to integrate them in new and existing processes to add value for the customers as well as the company.


Cases and experts from the working field

Learning by doing is at the core of our philosophy: allowing you to develop a strategic perspective through practical and engaging experiences.


You learn the skills, strategies and mindset required to operate as a digital expert in the tourism industry. In close cooperation with experts from the working field, you gain hands-on experience with online strategy, website development and digital marketing channels such as Google Ads, email marketing, affiliate marketing, social media and influencer marketing. You learn about digital analytics, usability, and conversion rate optimization. We furthermore explore the latest technological trends and developments and conceptualize how they may affect businesses, organizations, and their customers.


What’s in it for me?

Until now, you have learned a lot about the creation and management of unique and engaging experiences in leisure, tourism, and hospitality. In this minor you will learn how to market them in an increasingly digital world!


After successfully completing this minor, you can bridge the gap between marketing communication and technology, a vital skill in today’s tourism industry!



At the end of this minor, you have developed a professional view on the commercial and digital marketing perspectives in the tourism field:

- you can develop a substantiated digital cross media marketing campaign.
- you have knowledge about e-commerce and online strategy: goals, KPI’s, and related actions.
- you can design a dashboard to visualize e-commerce management information.
- you can maintain and optimize a website by means of usability and conversion rate optimization principles.
- you have general knowledge of social media-/ big data research techniques and the ethics involved.
- you can track digital analytics and provide advice based on the insights gained from them.
- you know the basics of data and privacy legislation.
- you can conceptualize the effect of the latest technological trends and developments on (tourism) businesses, organizations, and their customers.
- you have expanded your professional network through our expert guests from the working field.
- you have developed an inquisitive mindset towards life-long learning in the field of digital marketing.


Open for students from Tourism Management, Leisure, and Hotel studies. 

Propaedeutic certificate obtained


We use a lot of online professional and some academic sources. The main book that is used:

  • Visser, Sikkenga & Berry (2021). Digital Marketing Fundamentals (2nd ed)


A variation of group and individual exams are applied to assess the modules including one written exam on e-commerce, oral examinations (advisory talk, presentations), reports and assignment portfolios. 

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- Website development (WordPress)
- Online strategy, data analytics and business intelligence
- SEO, online advertising & affiliate marketing
- Content, visual communication and persuasion techniques
- Usability, conversion rate optimization,
- Conversion rate optimization
- Social media & influencer marketing
- Email marketing and real time marketing
- Technological trends & developments (blockchain, artificial intelligence, chatbots, VR/AR, games in tourism, wearables, biometrics, internet of things,…)
- Connecting to the industry


Structure of the minor

You follow 2 modules of 4 ECTS (6 weeks) on Business Intelligence and Social Media Research. Throughout the minor a module Digital Trends of 6 ECTS) helps you understand relevant technological developments and how they impact tourism. The rest of the minor (12 weeks) consists of a large digital marketing project in which you work in a team to develop your own website and marketing communication tools. You receive continuous feedback and feedforward on the deliverables and progress.


Teaching method(s):

The teaching methods vary per module: SCRUM project, workshops, (guest) lectures, flipped classroom, and self-guided learning.


International context

You work in an international environment and in groups with students from various backgrounds. Part of the lecturing staff is non-Dutch and has extensive international experience in the digital context of tourism. The topics and cases covered are largely presented from an international perspective.



A fieldtrip, visiting an (international) trade fair is planned. Depending on the destination and duration, the costs may vary between estimated 150-300 euros.