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Aviation Management (1st semester 23/24)

Due to the many applications we have received for the minor below, we cannot process your application immediately, but we will put you on the waiting list. To get on this waiting list, we ask you to go through the steps as stated on the learning agreement.

Do you share an interest in aviation? Do you want to gain basic knowledge of the aviation industry? And do you want to dive deeper into the management models of this industry? In this minor you will be taken on a journey through the exciting business of aviation: the way it was, is and will be in the future. From an airline- (economic- and customer), airport- and business travel perspective. You will gain the skills, strategies and mindset that are required to work in this industry.

What is it all about?
The minor encompasses three modules, ‘The Runway’, ‘High Level’ and ‘Airlines, Websites and Systems’, and two projects. During the modules you will be introduced to the basics of the airline industry and its stakeholders. You will learn everything about airlines, the aircraft market, societal responsibilities, and safety. We will also look at the aircraft itself. Think of topics such as aircraft types, weather effects, aircraft performance and aircraft design. You will also get acquainted with the financial side of the industry. Here you can think of topics such as operating costs, capital costs, cost components (fuel, insurance, etc.) and overhead costs. Furthermore, we will look at networks and links, timetabling and booking patterns. And finally, you will learn about several of the important market developments. See ‘topics’ for a more detailed list of all the topics and go to ‘Structure of the minor’ for more details regarding the modules and projects.

Practical implementation
This minor has a company-based focus, especially during the projects in block 2 and 3. During these projects you can consult the commissioner of the assigned aviation company. Hereby, you will get truly acquainted with the
way of working in the aviation industry. Furthermore, this minor will provide practical information that is essential when you have the ambition to work in the aviation industry.

What’s in it for me?
The aviation industry is a big industry that reveals issues that are more relevant to our society than ever. During this minor we will discuss these issues and motivate you to think of creative solutions to these problems. And although the aviation industry is a big industry, this minor successfully explains everything you need to know about it. After completion of this minor, you will feel confident with your very first job in the field! Consider jobs such as a sales representative for an airline company, an engagement specialist for an airport management company such as the Royal Schiphol Group or an aviation broker for a broker company.


At the end of this minor, you will:
− Be ready for the aviation business
− Understand the business process of aviation management


- A heart for aviation
- Propaedeutic certificate obtained


A range of supporting materials such as websites, online videos and
PowerPoint slides are made available in MS Teams


Oral exam, presentation, report and project.

Aanvullende informatie

This minor provides you with a range of competencies. After this minor you
will be able to:
− Understand the basics of the aviation industry.
− Understand e-commerce in aviation.
− Demonstrate the drive and initiative to quickly seize opportunities and/or come up with creative     solutions.
− Analyse trends and data and apply this knowledge to arrive at the right marketing strategy           and/or market approach.
− Recognize the significant effect of tourist behaviour at destinations and feel a social                     responsibility to consider this effect.
− Recognize the value chain in aviation.
− Identify the stakeholders and their interests.
− Plan scenarios for airlines.
− Manage airline projects.