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International Marketing and Cross Cultural Management

This minor provides an unique opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge to a real assignment and formulate a strategic international marketing plan for a real company. You’ll have to combine groups of maximum five students. You’ll write a motivation letter to apply for a real company assignment. The assignments are real, international and commercial and pertain to an international marketing plan. You’ll study the interplay of various factors in the international marketing environment of the organization (social media, communication, strategy, network, influence of culture, political systems, etc), the strategy and goals of a firm and it’s issues in reaching the international marketing objectives and communication issues and instruments.
You’ll conduct research, organize a symposium and excursion, visit the religious places, write papers, publish a magazine on international marketing and present your products.
The assignments vary from international firms that would like to enter into new markets to small regional business firms that would like to break into the international marketing arena.

Period 1 and Period 2.

  • —  International Marketing
  • —  Strategic Management
  • —  English, Cambridge and Netwoking
  • —  Cross Cultural Management
  • —  Marketing Communications
  • —  Online Marketing


The minor is called a major for students CE and IBL. This means that it will give these students the opportunity to ‘deepen’ and improve the competencies related to the domain of ‘commerce’ (see appendix 2). So this is the minor in which these students can prove themselves! More importantly, prove themselves in practice! In your majors you have acquired skills and knowledge. You will get more of that by following IMCCM. You will have to prove that you can be successful in the complex environment of the international market.

In short, you will not only sit in a classroom to consume passively theory, but you will work! There will also be theory, and complex theory but this theory must result in knowledge, understanding and correct practical judgment.

IMCCM is a challenging minor, for which you need many competencies. You need to have a commercial attitude and a good instinct for opportunities in the international market. Moreover, you need to be entrepreneurial and pro-active. Actually, you need a lot of complex commercial competencies. Just look at the domain competencies commerce (see appendix 2), and you see what is at stake in this minor! 

Aanvullende informatie

In order to fully prepare you for your Kies op Maat study at Stenden, two introduction days -together with incoming exchange students from abroad- are scheduled. During these days you will get a campus tour, meet teachers and staff, learn how to use (ICT) facilities on campus and you will be introduced to the student life. Moreover, we offer an introduction to our learning system: Problem Based Learning (PBL). Understanding the PBL system is fundamental for your successful study experience at Stenden. Therefore we expect you to be present these two days.


  • they should be CE-students or IBL-students or SBRM students; for the students from the other disciplines this minor will be considered as a broad minor
  • they should have completed most parts of their majors (= all the subjects in year one and two, and the internship);
  • they should already have completed one earlier minor (most often a ‘broad’ minor).


Written tests, interview, portfolio, symposium organization


English: Be a success and Cambridge. Mandatory Reading: 

1. – ebook

Suggested Reading:

2. Make Your Contacts Work – Anna Babel and Lynn Waymon

3. Smart Networking - Liz Lynch


2. Marketing communications  ( compulsory!)

- How cool brands stay hot – Branding to generation Y.

  • Author: Joeri van den Bergh
  • Publisher: Kogan Page Ltd.
  • ISBN: 9780749 462505

-          Reader with basic theory

-          Reader with  chapters of “The Conversation Manager”

Both readers will be available via or Blackboard.


3. Strategic Marketing: Suggested literature

1. “Exploring Corporate Strategy” by Gerry Johnson and Kevan Scholes, 8th revised edition; Pearson Education Limited; ISBN-13: 9780273731566

“Organisation and Management, an International Approach” by Jos Marcus and Nick van Dam; Noordhoff Uitgevers; ISBN-13: 9789001577049


4. International Marketing  Suggested literature

1. “International Marketing” by Czinkota and Ronkainen, 8th edition; South-Western, Div of Thomson Learning ; ISBN-13: 9780324361155

2. “Doing business in emerging markets” by Tamer Cavusgil, Pervez Ghauri and Milind Agarwal; Sage Publications; ISBN-13: 9780761913757


5. Cross Cultural Management (suggested)

1. Marketing Acrosss Cultures : by Jean Claude Usunier

Julie Anne Lee

ISBN 0273 68 529 5


2. Managing Across Cultures

Susan C Schneider

Jean- Louis Barsoux

ISBN 0 13 272220-8


3. Business Marketing

Edward Brierty

Rober Eckles

Rober Reeder

ISBN 0 13 757 378 2


4: reader for CCM with articles!


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