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Outdoor Leadership and Adventure

Do you like climbing, mountain biking, survival, GPS, teambuilding? Are you interested in planning, guiding and managing outdoor activities?

You learn in practice what it takes to be an entrepreneur in the outdoor industry: how to set up a business, what it means to be a leader, what problems, opportunities and challenges you face and how to handle these. You also learn to understand, develop and deploy nature based tourism products and innovative strategies.

 Adventure tourism is a fast growing sector within the tourism industry. This is a reflection of the fact that travellers are moving away from traditional holidays to personally challenging experiences in the great outdoors. Trends indicate that the demand for unique experiences and ‘authentic’ outdoor experiences will continue to grow worldwide.

Having affinity with adventure sports and  knowing the market are essential to be able to develop adventure related daytrips and holiday packages.

You will gain new knowledge about the field which enables you to grow and make progress in your personal and professional development.



Learning outcome: The student can demonstrate general knowledge of entrepreneurship and tour operating within the outdoor and adventure business in order to design and manage an outdoor, adventure themed, activity.

By the end of the module you know how tour operating works in the adventure and outdoor business. You are able to design, manage and evaluate an outdoor, adventure themed activity. You learn what it takes to be “adventurous”.

You have plenty of opportunities to challenge yourself mentally and physically. By meeting and working with experts and professionals from the industry, you understand what it means to share responsibility. It is important to take risks responsibly, to grow gradually and to unlock your own potential step by step.

Aanvullende informatie

The minor includes a field trip and day excursions. Participants need to consider travel costs, outdoor clothes and gear, food and lodging costs, activity costs.

In order to fully prepare you for your Kies op Maat study at Stenden, two introduction days -together with incoming exchange students from abroad- are scheduled. During these days you will get a campus tour, meet teachers and staff, learn how to use (ICT) facilities on campus and you will be introduced to the student life. Moreover, we offer an introduction to our learning system: Problem Based Learning (PBL). Understanding the PBL system is fundamental for your successful study experience at Stenden. Therefore we expect you to be present these two days.


Practical info: Outdoor Leadership and Adventure, an optional module for students of all management programmes, is offered in period 4 of the academic year. The equivalent of completion of a 2nd year management programme is required.


Case studies, study tasks, reports, presentations, knowledge test, student lead workshops, self and peer evaluations, role plays, outdoor activities.