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Heritage Experience Management, Part 1 Premaster Tourism Geography & Planning

The module addresses most of the important aspects of heritage and the heritage tourism industry, providing as much recognition and exposure to international real-world examples as possible. The content provides a broad understanding of the range of heritage attractions that exist but will also allow students to develop an in-depth analytical perspective on many current, controversial and industry-relevant issues. An integral part of the minor is a week-long fieldtrip to Edinburgh, Scotland, with presentations from organisations involved in heritage tourism and its development, conservation, marketing, interpretation and so forth.


The objective of the module to offer students an opportunity to engage in a detailed study of heritage tourism and the various related policy initiatives found within the commercial, public and voluntary sectors. The module forms a basis for developing skills in identifying tourism potential, recognising the wide range of visitor needs and applying knowledge to creative solutions to meeting visitor expectations. By the end of the module the student will be able to explain different perspectives of heritage and its relationship with tourism, understand the wider social and political context, and discuss developments and current issues and management issues in heritage development.

The student can apply knowledge of the main issues relating to the development of heritage to the creation, maximisation and management of a heritage themed, commercially viable experience.

Aanvullende informatie

The minor is part of the premaster Tourism Geography & Planning which prepares students for enrolment to the Masters of Science Tourism Geography & Planning, from the department of Cultural Geography, University Groningen, Campus Fryslân. The premaster also consist of the minor Statistics and Research Training (module period 4), and the thesis (year 4). If the aim is to enrol to the Master track Tourim Geography & Planning, please contact the coordinator prior to subscription for individual advice.

In order to fully prepare you for your Kies op Maat study at Stenden, two introduction days -together with incoming exchange students from abroad- are scheduled.
During these days you will get a campus tour, meet teachers and staff, learn how to use (ICT) facilities on campus and you will be introduced to the student life. Moreover, we offer an introduction to our learning system: Problem Based Learning (PBL). Understanding the PBL system is fundamental for your successful study experience at Stenden. Therefore we expect you to be present these two days.


  • Internal student: Completion of 2nd Year Bachelor management programme. Accessible for students of the following institutes: ABA, BE, CE, HRM, IBL, IBMS, IHM, LE, LM, MEM, SBRM, ITM.
  • External student: Equivalent of completion of 2nd Year Bachelor management programme. Prior to subscription, please contact the coordinator of NHL-Stenden for specific requirements.


The minor comprises case studies, presentations, mini-assignments, workshops, a module assignment, field trips and an open questions test. Furthermore, students will follow the guestlectures of the module Tourism Policy and Planning of the Masters of International Leisure and Tourism Studies (MILTS) at Stenden.


Will be given prior to the start of the module.