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International Business and Trade

It helps when you know something about other cultures when you are doing business abroad. But there is more to it than dressing appropriately, starting a conversation and shaking hands. International business means, for instance, you will promote and transfer goods to other countries. You have to know something about the way to act, the things to consider, the decisions to make.

In the minor International business and trade you will learn how to develop and analyse an international food or horticulture business. And you will learn about the way entrepreneurs and managers in international food or horticulture business think and act, how they make decisions and how they invent and reinvent themselves and their enterprises within an international environment.

A management game will teach you how to cope with integrated data of marketing, logistics and finance and sustainability.

Added value:

This minor gives the student international insights, tools and skills for initiating opportunities and business developments in the world of the international food and flower trade. It also provides them with skills on the topics of critical thinking, making decisions, developing enterprises, working with data and how to inspire people in an international setting.


  • Students can analyze, judge and develop an international trade organization on effectiveness, innovative, efficiency, flexibility, quality and inspiring leadership;
  • Students learn how to make decisions based on different data with the help of different calculation, decision models and MIS/DSS systems;
  • Students develop a critical way of thinking so they can apply decision tools;
  • Are able to master the concept of business intelligence and do applied research for judging the feasibility of a sustainable business idea that meet the needs of a food trading company and its stakeholders;
  • Students are able to use marketing information systems and can translate CRM in to a marketing strategy.


Students need to have a sound basis of marketing, logistics and supply chain concepts at Bachelor level year two.

Please hand in an official grade list and your CV.



  • Written exam
  • Orals
  • Projectpapers


Will be presented in moodle rooms.


Study load is 30 ects by doing:

- Management games

- Case studies

- Interview assignments

- Group/project work

- Lectures