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Basics Agribusiness Entrepreneurship

In this minor a special focus will be on sustainable entrepreneurship. Apart from topics like marketing, management & organization, finance and legal aspects the sustainability concept will be an integrated part of the business plan. Furthermore, each student will be able to track the development of the sustainability competences through the ‘sustainability scan’. At the beginning of the semester the student will make the first individual sustainability scan, the so called ‘zero measurement’. This gives insight into the student’s comprehension of the sustainability concept at the beginning of the semester. The same scan will be made at the end of the semester, giving insight into the student’s sustainability competence after completing the sustainable entrepreneurship semester. During the oral assessment at the end of this semester the student will be asked to reflect on the developments regarding the sustainable entrepreneurship concept.

Many famous businesses have been started because an entrepreneur turned a problem into a successful business. The entrepreneur recognized that the problem was actually an opportunity.Not every business idea is necessarily an opportunity. An opportunity is an idea that is based on what consumers need or want.

There are five roots of opportunity in the marketplace that entrepreneurs can exploit:

1.            Problems that your business can solve.

2.            Changes in laws, situations or trends.

3.            Inventions of totally new products or services.

4.            Competition on price, location, quality, reputation or reliability.

5.            Technological advances.

A well-written business plan will guide every step of the way as you develop your business. It takes the reader from opportunity to proposition. It can also help you raise money from investors.

Entrepreneurship is a craft as well as an art. Entrepreneurship is not only about starting companies, it’s also about starting and running activities. Entrepreneurial activity flourishes where ideas, cash, professional and managerial expertise and good communications converge. The course structure will offer you the knowledge and the opportunity to develop essential entrepreneurial skills. Besides knowledge and skills, the most important element is attitude. You really have to act! Experience how it is to run a business in real life: learning by doing.

In this course on entrepreneurship you will be working in a team in developing an idea, putting it down into a business plan and realizing an actual pilot period. Afterwards you can decide whether the business you have developed with the team is feasible or not.

Moreover, working together with students originating from different countries and cultural backgrounds make this minor extra special, it’s an opportunity to experience international entrepreneurship in real life.


At the end of this term:

•The student is able to write and present a coherent and complete business plan

•The student is able to write and execute a project plan for testing the feasibility of a business plan

•The student is able to cooperate and communicate in an international agribusiness setting

•The student is able to integrate sustainability aspects within a business plan

•The student has basic knowledge and practical skills of horticultural production


You need to be in possession of a (relevant) propaedeutic certificate. The minor coördinator will assess if you meet the entrance requirements.


VBA2E2VEBAB                       Concepts of a Business Plan; 7 ECTS; term 3

VBA2F2VEBAB                       Sustainability in the Business Plan; 7 ECTS; term 3

VBA2GVEBAB                        Manage your Business; 7 ECTS; term 4

VBA2HVEBAB                        Marketing, Accounting and Management; 7 ECTS; term 4

VBA2V1VEMEN                      Assignment Minor Basics Entrepreneurship; 2 ECTS;

                                           Term 3 and 4 Total: 30 ECTS

Types of examination: written, oral, portfolio, assessment.


Powerpoint presentations, literature. See also blackboard and the course manual.


Will be announced before the start of the minor