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International Agribusiness Research Project

The student will design and execute a professional project as a junior consultant, in which economic research, business research and business development are combined.

The student will evaluate performance of (virtual) agri-food companies, based on theoretical concepts, practical inputs and forecasted external developments.

The student will reflect on outcomes of expected business development in line with present strategies of actual agri-food companies.


Learning goals minor:

-       Students learn the supply chain of a chosen agro-food company

-       Students applies business economics theory to describe the business performance of a chosen agro-food company

-       Student applies innovation theories to identify new business opportunities for a chosen agro-food company

-       Students learns how to increase the sustainability performance of a chosen agri-food company

-       Student develops an organisational change plan to adapt the organisation to new business opportunities

-       Students learns how to act as a project manager

-       The student learns how to reflect on himself/herself to increase his/her learning capabilities.



-       Development of vision and strategy for an (international) agro-food business (Bachelor, level 3)

-       Prepare and implement a practical business research in the agro-food sector (Bachelor, level 3)

-       Management of organizations, processes and projects, and people (Bachelor, level 3)

-       Steering and developing one’s own professional acting, level 2

-       Advising about financial aspects of the operation of an agro-food business (Bachelor, level 3)

-       Strategic marketing of products and services in the global agro-food market, level 2


Having completed at least 2 years Bachelor program in Agribusiness or related fields.

Please hand in a copy of your propaedeutic certificate and an offcial copy of your grade list.


VBA4MVEARP1 International Agribusiness Research Project

Individual portfolio exam containing:

1. Research report, professional product

2. Process report and project plan, professional product

3. Presentation of research outcomes and recommendations

4. Reflection on project activities and self-study program


Relevant agribusiness handbook, related to specific self-study program.