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International Business and Natural Resources

Do you want to shape the future towards circular and bio based economy for (inter)national businesses? Do you want to cross the bridge between economy and ecology in natural resources? Do you want to shape circular supply chains? As dr. Weetman, a Canadian expert in forest fertilization, said: ‘In order to provide natural resources for current and future generation we need to remake, redesign and rethink what we are doing now.’

The minor International business and natural resources provides you the opportunity to do this. You’ll design an innovative (inter)national business in a real life field research in cooperation with organizations who already are traveling to sustainability. It aims to provide you with the knowledge, skills and attitude to be able to design sustainable business models and supply chains.

You’ll focus on the impact of business and other land users on the ecosystem. The minor offers you both a broad theoretical background and tools to assess, improve and design sustainable natural resource management. This includes themes such as circular and bio based economy, sustainable business models, biomimicry and circular supply chains.

You’ll also get an introduction in ecosystem services, sustainable systemic design thinking and eco design. How do they function to create sustainable value for international businesses? What will be the impact of businesses and other land users on the natural resources that are used by farmers, fishermen, citizens, city planners or corporate managers?

You will work on a real life project about sustainable systemic design thinking, eco design, ecosystem services, natural resources, supply chains and circular and or bio based economy and society. You will develop yourself as a researcher, consultant, innovator, pioneer and/or motivator. And you will be challenged to truly ‘design the future’ from your own perspective.

The Van Hall Larenstein education policy supports The Ellen MacArthur Foundation in their quest to transform current economic linear economy to a circular economy in the future. This minor in International business and natural resources management supports this transition in the ‘green wing ‘of the circular economy system of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Natural resources are renewable biobased sources such as water, soil and air that provides basis for food, feed to living and breeding animals, plants, micro and nano living organisms in an dynamic changing ecosystem.

Added value:

You will be prepared in this minor to deal with sustainability issues in a job as a manager, consultant, business developer, mediator or innovator. In businesses responsibility in sourcing of goods and the whole supply chain will become more important still and you might be confronted with unsafe or unethical labor practices, environmental damage or unfair trade principles. You will need to advise or take actions that involve ethical questions which are not always in accordance with current business practices. This might be in different companies or bodies, i.e. an international company or an organization, an NGO, a governmental body or your own company.


o    Bridging contrasting viewpoints of parties who need to work at a joint problem, wish or policy;

o    Cooperating in multidisciplinary teams in a result-oriented manner;

o    Applying knowledge of business processes and change management to move to a more sustainable world;

o    Initiating actions aimed at making society more sustainable;

o    Understanding the fundamental principles of international supply chain management and applying this in practice;

o    Formulating and implementing aspects of joint business, natural resources and ecosystem management;

o    Formulating socially responsible solutions to complex matters;

o    Methodical and reflective thinking and acting;

o    Research management;

o    Planning and organizing.


Non EU students are requested to provide prove of IELTS 6 level in English and have equivalent prove of Bachelor propaedeutic diploma from EU accredited universities in applied sciences. And minimum of 50 ECTS of second academic year.

Deviations are possible when student is able to convince minor management with motivation letter with relevant experiences in sustainability, please contact minor coordinator for more details.

Documents required:

- Bachelor propaedeutic diploma from EU accredited universities in applied sciences

- And prove of minimum of 50 ECTS of second academic year


T-01 Project – group assignment, minimum of 5,5 passing grade, 12 EC

(calculation of 60 % report and 40 % presentation and defense)

T-02 Exam – individual assessment, minimum of 5,5 passing grade, 8 EC

T-03 Assessment– individual assessment on consultancy skills, pass/fail, 4 EC

T-04 Innovation assignment – group assignment, minimum of 5,5 passing grade, 4EC (calculation of 60 % report and 40 % presentation and defense)

T-05 Personal development – iindividual assessment, pass/ fail, 2 EC


Mandatory  theory book:

A Circular Economy Handbook for Business and Supply Chains: Repair, Remake, Redesign, Rethink (2017), Author: Catherine Weetman, 1st edition, Publisher: Kogan Page Ltd. ISBN: 9780749476755 , Price: € 45-50,-


Combination of (guest)lectures, workshops, trainings, excursions, self-study and field trips either initiated by you as student or by teachers. On average 2,5 day per week you are invited to join group learning and teaching activities. The other 2,5 day are needed for self-study project and assignment work.