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Innovation and development animal husbandry

This module is offering tailor-made learning while working on projects, supported by Animal Husbandry specialists. You have to execute a project and at the same time you have to go through a learning program. The learning program is flexible, depending on your own situation and how you would like to make use of the specific support that is available. How you fill in the program is depending on the projects available, the interest of the students and the specific type of support that is available. It is possible to work on different levels depending on the knowledge level acquired by the student in previous education.

If you register for this minor you have to select a topic. Please contact the module coordinator for a list of projects available. Based on the chosen topic you have to develop a plan of action and learning with your project commissioner and your educational supervisor. This includes the project plan, your own learning strategy, content knowledge you want to acquire, and related competences to be acquired in this course.


• Students are able to perform specific animal husbandry data collection skills.
• Students are able to advice farmers and/or chain partners to improve on animal welfare, health, productivity, environmental impact and product development by suggesting adaptation of specific operational farming practices, related supporting physical enablers and agreements.
• Students are able to operate and manage their activities successfully in an applied research project team in the field of animal husbandry.

Aanvullende informatie

In case of a low number of applications for the minor, the minor may not be offered. After closing the registration period, you will be informed as soon as possible (no later than 8 June 2018 for term 1 and 2 and 21 December 2018 for term 3 and 4).


You have to study in a Bachelor Animal Husbandry program, or another bachelor program with at least 30 credits from a course that is related to Animal Husbandry (this could also be a vocation course).

You always need to have at least 90 credits from your Bachelor program at the moment of registration and at least 120 credits to be able to start with the minor.

You can only be accepted for this minor if there are relevant projects available.

Provide documents for entry requirements: Grade list from your current Bachelor program that is showing you are fulfilling the entry requirements. Send in qualified additional information on top of your Bachelor grade list if required.


There are three partial examinations:
• VAH336VE-01:  Professional product. Port-folio exam, mainly group products
• VAH336VE-02: Reflection report. Port-folio exam, individual product
• VAH336VE-03: Presentation and discussion. Oral exam, individual exams.

Rating scale: Numeral 0 -10 (0,1 Int - 5,5 pass).


Depending on specific projects.


30 EC corresponding with 30*28 hours work load = 840 hours