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Management and Analysis of Animal Production

Marketing and management: Application of basics of management of dairy farms, product, markets and economic policies, quality management and legal requirements, financial accounting, financial planning, financial and managerial audit, investment analysis.

Analysis of a dairy farm: Application of basics of young stock rearing, milking and milk handling at farm level, animal health care, animal nutrition.

Research and health: To process data using inferential statistics. To write a report including a discussion, recommendations and a summary. To understand symptoms, causes, treatments and prevention of main health disorders of farm animals/horses.

Nutrition and breeding: Breeding: Rules of inheritance, mating tables; Genetic relationships, inbreeding coefficients; Heritability, genetic correlations; Breeding values, crossing; Judging animals. Nutrition: Main feed stuffs (compound feed, roughage, grains), Ration calculation (dm, energy and protein), Chemical composition of feed stuffs, Formulate rations.


The student is able to:
• Marketing and management: Apply general management and marketing concepts in entrepreneurial plans and in farm development plans in the different economic and natural environmental circumstances
• Analysis of a dairy farm: Describe and explain the system of production management of a Dutch dairy farm, in relation to key performance indicators, biological indicators and use of technology (comp 5 and 8)
• Health: Understand and apply principles of description of symptoms, causes, treatments and prevention of main health disorders of farm animals/horses
• Research: Process data using inferential statistics, to write a report including a discussion, recommendations and a summary
• Nutrition: Formulate rations based on requirements of animals and specific characteristics of feedstuffs.
• Breeding: Understand and apply principles of mating systems, genetics, breeding values, judging animals.

Aanvullende informatie

In case of a low number of applications for the minor, the minor may not be offered. After closing the registration period, you will be informed as soon as possible (no later than 7 June 2019).


Students with at least 2 year Bachelor education in Agriculture or Animal Husbandry.

You always need to have at least 90 credits from your Bachelor program at the moment of registration and at least 120 credits to be able to start with the minor.

Provide documents for entry requirements: Grade list from your current Bachelor program that is showing you are fulfilling the entry requirements.


For ‘Marketing and Management’ and ‘Analysis of a dairy farm’ you have to produce 7 products on which you reflect during a written assessment.

For ‘Research and Health’ there are two written tests as well as you have to submit a research report based on your own animal based data collection.

For ‘Nutrition and breeding’ there are two written tests.

Grade between: 1.0 - 10.0


Through the course website literature will be announced that will also be available web-based or in the library.


30 EC corresponding with 30*28 hours work load = 840 hours