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Trends in marketing and buying behavior

Companies nowadays face many challenges which force companies to adopt to the changing environment. Companies which do not change cease to exist. Therefore it is of utmost importance to spot trends and adjust the business accordingly. It is not an easy task as different departments within the company have different vision. In this minor you will learn how to bridge two important departments: marketing and sales. You will have to spot the trend, analyse buying behavior and translate them into customer demands including innovation, assortment, price and promotion.

Minor is offered to students who are interested in a career in one of the following professional profiles:

  • Category development manager
  • Sales manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Business developer


fter completion of the programme student will be able to:

Analyse buying behaviour of the specific target group

Analyse ongoing trends related to a specific field (e.g. pet food, food, feed, agricultural machinery).

Translate/link trends to a market forecast

Develop marketing strategy based on the market forecast

To build a ‘bridge’ between the marketing and sales departments of a company

Make SOAR analysis with associated costs

Aanvullende informatie

In order to successfully complete this minor students will have to write the advisory report for a real company. In order to better understand the company and its challenges students will have to work for the chosen company during the duration of this minor (minimum of 21 days).


Knowledge about: marketing strategies, marketing communication strategies, marketing plan, organisational management


Module element: ATMB01
EC: 5
Name: Strategic marketing
Exam: Advisory Report
Period: T4

Module element: ATMB02
EC: 5
Name: Buying behavior
Exam: Video presentation
Period: T4

Module element: ATMB03
EC: 5
Name: Market forecast
Exam: Poster presentation
Period: T4


To be announced and materials provided by the lecturer


studiejaar 2019-2020, semester 2 (spring)
Weeks: 6, 9, 11, 13, 17, 20, 22