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International dairy processing

In this minor the student will learn how milk is transformed into added value products in another country by performing a practical assignment abroad (US or France).
In this task, the student is able to make a comparison between dairy processing activities in a foreign county and the Netherlands.

International entrepreneur, practical trainer / consultant / employee in the milk processing sector

Training, practical work, excursions, assignments 


Learning objectives (the student is able to):

  • Perform a comparative study of dairy processing in a foreign country and the Netherlands
  • Describe the manufacturing procedures and technology of dairy products in a foreign country (incl. quality and safety aspects)
  • Provide innovative ideas and suggestions to improve dairy products and/or processes in a foreign country (incl. quality and safety aspects)

Final Qualifications

  • Effective cooperation and communication in a multi-disciplinary, intercultural environment
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation in the international agri-food business


There is one requirement: you must follow ADPR01 (Dairy Processing) before you can start with this minor.


Mode of exam: Proof of Proficiency


Period 4