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International Equine Advisor

The equine sector is becoming more and more intense. The equine image is changing and it needs experts to help the sector rise again to the high standards the sector needs right now in this changing environment. The goal of the minor is to prepare yourself to get a job in the international equine organizations that need or want to improve their management and set their standards high. You can think of your future job as an advisor for, or an interim manager within a commercial company, an advisor within a consulting bureau or start your own company.


Final qualifications

  • Developing a vision and strategy for an (international) agri-food company
  • Management of organisations, processes, projects and people
  • Effective cooperation and communication in a multi-disciplinary and inter cultural environment


  • To present, to research, to endorse sustainable behaviour, to globalize


Knowledge about: sales management, business analysis, financial analysis


Write and advise/persuade an advisory report for a company which will influence the company’s future.

Code: AIEA01
Naam: International Equine Advisor report
Studiepunten: 6
Type examen: Report and advise/persuade the report
Periode: period 2

Code: AIEA02
Naam: Advisory skills
Studiepunten: 4
Type examen: Assignment
Periode: period 1

Code: AIEA03
Naam: International Equine trends
Studiepunten: 6
Type examen: poster presentation
Periode: period 2


Naam: Literature provided by lecturer
Uitgever: Literature provided by lecturer
ISBN: Literature provided by lecturer

Naam: The trusted advisor fieldbook
Uitgever: Green, C.H. (2011).. John Wiley & Sons Inc
ISBN: 9781118085646


On Monday in semester 2 (2020-2021)