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Sustainability in business and technology (English)

Sustainability in business (including topics like ethics, long term strategies, mission/vision, marketing aspects, supply chain aspects and financial aspects).

Sustainability in technology (including topics like new sustainable technologies like waste management, lean production, sustainable building, concept zero/carbon footprint).

Sustainability in life sciences (including topics like biomaterials, DNA, technology and health).

All three elements come together in a large real life multidisciplinary project: students work in multidisciplinary groups on an assignment for a real project (like Wijk van Morgen or Chill) or a real life company on the subject of sustainability. The supervision of this project will be done be lecturers from Beta and IB.


Give the students an understanding of the important sustainability issues in the diverse areas of business, technology and life sciences

The multidisciplinary approach of this minor must give the students a helicopter view of this subject

Through multidisciplinary group work, be able to solve a problem on a sustainability issues for a real life business or organization


The examination of the first-year programme has to be completed successfully.


Final presentation, 30 %, 5 EC

Final report, 50 %, 5 EC

Attendance and participation, 20 %, 5 EC


Multidisciplinair project (group work) and tutorials/workshops/lectures

Because of set-up of minor, attendance and participation is required