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Human rights (English)

Students will be introduced to the history and background of human rights in the world. Once they have obtained a thorough understanding of where human rights come from, we will move onto the actors in the human rights arena, as well as the applicable enforcement mechanisms. To that extent, we will look at several fundamental human rights treaties, such as the European Convention on Human Rights, as well as selected UN documents. Students will also be introduced to non-traditional actors such as NGOs. Finally, the minor will focus on 2-3 current topics related to human rights (e.g. Millennium Development Goals, Responsibility to Protect, Terrorism, etc.)


To obtain a thorough understanding of the history, actors, enforcement and current status/topics on human rights worldwide.

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Lectures, practical sessions, individual and group assignments,  group presentations, field trip.

Students will receive a grade for their participation in the minor as a whole, and specifically during certain assignments and in-class presentations. This is necessary because the practical application of human rights is not something that can be studied like theory, but needs to be experienced firsthand.


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The examination of the first-year programme has to be completed successfully.


  • Theory 9 EC
  • The 2-hour written test (120 minutes) consists of open questions only, divided up into various categories. These questions will be drawn from and based on all the materials covered during the minor, including literature, workshops, lectures and other activities.
  • Assignment Portfolio 4 EC
  • Students will be given a number of assignments throughout the course, which must be completed (either in a group or individually), and must be uploaded to their individual portfolios on Moodle. The assignments will be diverse, and may include presentations, podcasts, reflective reports and group tasks.
  • Participation Continuous assessment 2 EC
  • This minor uses a number of different activities, which students are required to participate in. These activities include the International Human Rights Day on or around December 10th. Because human rights is not something that can only be studied in theory, but also needs to be experienced in practice, it is necessary for students to participate actively during all weeks of the minor. A field trip may be organized, and students are required to participate if one is organized. As a result of using continuous assessment, it is not possible to create a standard resit. Any resit must be discussed with the coordinator.



To be announced via email; costs between € 50 and € 100.


Mandatory, approx. € 140 (all inclusive)
Total costs of the minor shall not exceed € 200 per student.


Contact time: 10-12 hours per week

Lectures, practical sessions, individual and group assignments,  group presentations, field trip.