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Creating Sustainable Business Solutions (CSBS)

This exchange program will give you the opportunity to work in interdisciplinary and multi-cultural teams with students from all over the world. You will use creative and innovative methods to develop creative business solutions and grow in your role as a leader. You are invited to work in teams on a real life assignment given by the multinational Wärtsilä, which is headquartered in Vaasa/Finland .

Creating Sustainable Business Solutions been designed for students who wish to promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in their personal and professional lives. The exchange program is primarily based on (virtual) e-learning with 2 weeks face to face sessions with students and teachers in Finland (Vaasa) and the Netherlands (‘s-Hertogenbosch). During the months of February and March 2021 you can follow lectures given by teachers for most modules in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands.  These classes are meant to deepen your knowledge you have gained during the e-learning.


By the end of the Creating Sustainable Business Solutions programme, you will:

  • have learned how to work in a virtual team and manage a project in a multinational environment
  • understand the pivotal role that Corporate Social Responsibility can play in a modern business, particularly as an opportunity for the company to influence environmental and ethical issues
  • be able to describe the peculiarities of doing international business and know which skills are needed in order to succeed in international environments
  • be able to advise the management team of a multinational company regarding legal issues if that company is considering expanding (some of) its business activities abroad
  • know the key financial aspects and indicators when doing business internationally
  • know how to select the most attractive country to export to, using an extensive (external) analysis
  • have developed a clear view on you leadership skills and potential to engage people in your (business) environment
  • understand the institutional and intercultural context of an international company and how that affects international HR policy and HR practices

Aanvullende informatie

  • Good social and teamworking skills;
  • Analytical power;
  • Experience with projects and team assignments;
  • Drive , curious and ambitious;
  • Open for personal reflection;
  • Diplomatic skills, empathy and a customer oriented attitude;
  • Flexible and having good  time-management skills

In this minor you will work both on your individual assignments as well as on your group assignment.  You will be exposed to the most recent information about the most important business disciplines and you will be strengthening your consultancy skills.  Furthermore you will gain insight in your own teamworking skills working on a real assignment in a multicultural team of students

Successful completion of the Creating Sustainable Business Solutions programme opens up a variety of opportunities. It qualifies you for a range of leadership positions in the 21st-century economy, such as Chief Sustainability Officer.

This programme is also suitable for students who want to become a general manager who is able to steer and implement Sustainable Development Goals within an organisation. The unique approach to teaching and learning used in this programme allows you to develop the skills needed for any position in which you are expected to contribute to this important theme.

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This programme is suitable for students with a business background. Students must be comfortable working in an all-English environment and they must be proficient in the language.

Admission is open to students in their  third and final year of a Bachelor’s study programme.


Creating Sustainable Business Solutions challenges you to develop your own perspective on international business and Sustainable Development Goals. This programme uses a variety of modes of assessments; exams with open and closed questions, writing papers and advisory reports, and giving a presentation to Wärtsilä.

At the end of the programme, you, your peers, and coaches will also give you feedback on your strengths and areas in which you can develop further.


In this minor you will primarily cooperate with your fellow students virtually while you work on an assignment for a company. You will also be required to complete a number of e-learning modules, also virtually.  In the second week of February 2021, all students and lecturers will visit the University of Applied Science in Vaasa, and in the week of 26 April 2021 the same group will visit Avans University of Applied Sciences in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (the Netherlands). During the months of February, March and April 2021, you will be able to follow lectures for most modules in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (the Netherlands).  These lectures are designed to deepen the knowledge you have gained in the e-learning components.

This 30 ECTS programme is primarily project based. Students receive a business assignment from the multinational company Wärtsilä, which is headquartered in Vaasa (Finland). We do our best to create project teams that comprise students from different multi-cultural backgrounds in order to broaden their perspectives. Each project team is assigned a dedicated, experienced lecturer from one of the two participating universities.  Students are also encouraged to complete  a number of interesting modules (listed below) as part of this minor.



Project Assignment (incl coaching) 8 EC

Global Project Management 5 EC

Corporate Social Responsibility 6 EC

Business Law 2 EC

Business Economics 2 EC

Effective Leadership 1 EC

International Business/Marketing and country analysis 4 EC

International Human Resource Management 2 EC