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IDS IT Infrastructure Building Blocks

Every enterprise is dependent on Information Technology. IT infrastructure is the fundament under application hosting and business processes. IT infrastructure is usually invisible, but notwithstanding very essential: an unavailable IT infrastructure means unavailable business processes.

Designing such an IT infrastructure requires not only technical knowledge but also human interaction, helicopter view, thorough research and prototyping. The resulting functional and technical designs form the basis for realizing a Proof of Concept. An advice is presented including the steps for implementation in relation to risk management and security.

This module deals with innovative methods and techniques that enable you build solutions for IT infrastructure challenges.. You apply the various techniques practically within lectures, practical assignments and projects. This includes expertise in the areas of networking, Microsoft Server, Linux and virtualization.

Besides gathering knowledge and expertise in the field of virtualization, operating systems and network technology, a project is carried out in groups. What steps do you have to take in what order not to ignore anything? How do you set up the schedule so that time pressure does not matter? Who are your stakeholders and what requirements do they put on the IT infrastructure? What technologies can you choose to realize the solution? These are just a few of the issues that are being discussed.
Of course, you should not lose sight of the legal, ethical and security aspects.

For labs, prototyping and proof of concepts we use an online virtual lab (Skylab) and a physical data centre in which students can build (virtual) infrastructures with servers and networks.

Regularly guest lectures will be given. Subjects are, amongst others, Open source software, Microsoft Azure, Wireless deployment.


You are busy reaching level 2 of the HBO-I competencies. 


Modules are tested with an examinations, practicum assessments and project assessments. For exams you may get an exemption by doing an official certification exam (MCSA, RHCSA, VCP and CCNA).


In the IDS infrastructure building blocks semester we focus on two operating system variants, namely Linux and Microsoft Windows. For network technology we use Cisco equipment. The virtualization concepts are mainly studied using VMware Technologies.