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International Food Logistics

Do you know that food waste, traffic jams, sustainability development goals (SDG’s), cost reductions on business- and chain level, will threaten our food quality. And this threat will affect our human- and animal wellness worldwide.

Management of Agro logistics will reduce these challenges. Being a student in this Minor International Food Logistics it enables you to gain understanding of optimizing logistics and managing the quality, sustainability and finance in agrifood chains.

You are also able to analyse and to evaluate the functioning of logistic systems in agrifood supply chains and to determine suggestions for improvement including implementations plans, while operating within a food/feed producing company and throughout the entire food/feed supply chain.

Especially nowadays where added value and cost pricing are the most challenging issues, combined with the availability of sustainable and enough food ingredients and clear water. Implementing new technologies, ICT concepts and know how to obtain the most effective and efficient strategy for food companies will be part of your task in this minor.

This minor prepares you for working in the field of logistics and supply chain, like coordinating communication between international suppliers, planning and control of the product stream, managing and discussing the added value offered by the different chain partners.

That’s why working in the supply chain needs people who contribute to achieve higher levels of service for the end-consumer and also calculates the best case scenarios for the whole supply chain.

To participate in the Minor International Food Logistics you need to have finished 3 years of business administration. Knowledge of Agrifood is a pre, but not necessary.


Learning tasks

  • The Student understands the structure of a sustainable supply chain within the food industry. This includes all entities in the supply chain, supply chain structure, relationship models, integration strategies, and different supply chain management strategies. (demand-, inventory-, IT-, supply chain risk management and lean & agile.
  • The student can analyse different ways of implementing new technologies in existing SC designs.
  • The student can describe the impact of closed loop supply chains on circular economy and how business software can support this. The student understand when to apply circular Supply Chain, is able to develop models to implement closed loop Supply Chain.

To Innovate, To Research, To Cooperate, To Organise  (researching, innovating, implementing and presenting new strategies for real life business/ company problems or challenges in order to optimize their supply chain)


Entry Requirements
This minor is for students who have a propaedeutic phase achieved in business administration/logistics or supply chain management. Without propriate background knowledge of supply chain management or logistics the student will be offered the minor ASCM (minor for basics supply chain management).




For this minor the classes will be held throughout the first semester of the school year. Theoretical classes and project work will be scheduled 2 days every week from Sept t/m Jan.
On Tuesday in the weeks: 36, 38, 40, 43, 47, 49 and 51.


Name: AIFL01
Course: Professional Task: Project International logistics
Mode of Exam: Assessment
Period: 2
Literature: -

Name: AIFL02
Course: (sustainable) Logistics in Practice: Management Game
Mode of Exam: Assignment
Period: 2
Literature: Management simulation game:

Name: AIFL03
Course: Logistical analysis and system design / new technologies in SCM
Mode of Exam: Written Exam
Period: 1
Literature: Logistics and Supply Chain Management “Always Learning” Martin Cristopher ISBN 97812920837975th edit 2016 Pearson Education. Material Provided by the Lecturer

Name: AIFL04
Course: Closed loop supply chains and Business software implementation
Mode of Exam: Assessment (poster presentation)
Period: 2
Literature: ICT informatiecentrum Houten
Optional: Ferguson, M., Souza, G. Closed=loop supply chains. ISBN 978-1420095258

Name: AIFL05
Course: Managerial Accounting in Logistical Management
Mode of Exam: Assessment (working with CRM system)
Period: 2
Literature: Articles provided by the lecturer.  Supply Chain Strategy and Financial Metrics Bram De SMET 1st edit 2017 ISBN 9780749482572 Kogan Page

Aanvullende informatie

For extra information on the module, contact Elsbeth Kauffmann,