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International Sport Management 1

The sports management minor gives you an insight in the international sports industry: Who are participating, which companies are involved, what is the actual government policy, how is the sports sector organized in your country, what are the benefits of sports, which ethical issues are involved, what is the impact of big sports events like London 2012, World Championships Germany 2006, what is the impact of Everton and Liverpool FC in the Liverpool Economy.


  1. Knows the history of sports
  2. Knows the structure of the sports sector of his or her country(local, regional, national)
  3. Knows the benefits of sport
  4. Knows the impact of sport on society
  5. Knows the national and international trends in
  6. Knows the government policy of his/her country
  7. Knows the impact of big sports events
  8. Can organise a sports clinic
  9. Developing a vision of trends in the environment, developing relationships, networks and chains
  10. Analysing policy issues, translating them into policy objectives and alternatives, and preparing for decision-making
  11. Directing in networks
  12. Initiating, creating and marketing products, services; independently and enterprising
  13. Setting up business and organisational processes
  14. Self-steering competency: intrapersonal
  15. Social and communicative competency: interpersonal

Aanvullende informatie

Kosten:  € 25 - €60


Completed 1st year Bachelor, followed 2nd year bachelor


  • Sports clinics
  • Open questions
  • Organisation Sports clinic – group assignment


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