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The module Branding is about how (international) retailers can manage to become strong brands. The module is designed to encourage you to study the dynamics of modern retailing: branding and its related concepts. In this module students will undertake a research project which will be supported by PBL, creative sessions, guest lectures, literature research, fi eld trips, real life learning and research workshops. A research study can be an important tool to evaluate the company’s success in creating a strong retail brand. Depending on the outcomes the results of these studies can be used to make strategic decisions regarding brand positioning, personality and/or communication.


You evaluate the brand identity and brand performance of a retailer and develop or improve a consistent brand strategy that takes retail trends and the customer journey into account. This leads to consistency in the brand strategy and operations. It can also lead to future scenarios. The focus of this module is: To analyse, (re-)create and communicate retail brands. The central question is: How can retail formats become strong brands?


Main objectives: 1. You understand the scope of the field of branding and apply this to retail businesses. 2. You understand the use of models, frameworks and tools and their relation to branding. 3. You design and carry out research aimed at analysing the strengths and weaknesses of a retail brand. 4. You create a brand plan for a (retail) organization




All students who passed the foundation year and participated in the second year. 


Literature Review, Brand plan, process assignment


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