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International Market Orientation

Do you ever wonder why it is so much cheaper to order goods from far away China on AliExpress than from within Europe? Or what the shipping costs would be if you order a sea container from the USA? Then the minor International Market Orientation might suit you very well! You'll be learning everything there is to learn about the export and import aspects for an internationally operating SME.


The production of an export marketing plan for an existing SME company is the core aspect for the module assignment and at the same time the project groupwork has the focus on importing aspect. Both aspect assume awareness of cultural differences in international Trade.  


Passed Foundation Year in any course in the field of commerce or business administration.


All books in international marketing and export, like Albaum


Monday- Friday


After rounding off this 10 weeks 15 credits module you should be able to be active in international trade. You are familiar with the incoterms and international logistics. Pricing and pricing strategies, cultural awareness in markets and trade. 

Depending on the wishes off the students fieldtrip, national and international can be organized. A visit to the destination country of your export plan is possible during the last weeks of the module the scheduling is planned with this option in mind.    

Examination is a mix of: 

  • Written assignments > the export plan 
  • Knowledge test > Short answer test to check if you now the core items in international trade 
  • Active participation & presentation > you will present your finding for the board of your export plan company or to the management team one of our partners active in international trade.