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Leading and Understanding Human Behaviour and Enterprise in Organisations

“While a positive organisation (climate, culture, practice) matters a lot to high organisational performance, what matters more is the mindset of people at all levels—particularly (self)leadership and management. (…)Distinct from leadership skill set, leadership mindset is all about psychological capabilities, not workplace behaviours. It consists of high-level commitments and behavioural strengths. This psychological capital is the source of everyone’s high performance. While skill sets are key to effective leadership, it is the mindset of your leaders that determines their ability to learn and apply their skill sets effectively” (Bernard, 2014). 

This course provides a one-term introduction to, and survey of, basic organizational behaviour concepts and their application in contemporary organizations. The field of organizational behaviour focuses on issues related to human behaviour and interpersonal relations within an organization. Topics include behaviour diversity in organizations, attitudes, emotions and moods, personality and values, perception and individual decision making, motivation, personality types, group behaviour, behaviour in team work, the correlation of happening - thought and action/reaction, emotional intelligence, rationality, coping with stress, developing the inner qualities for success and entrepreneurship in organisations. Students should acquire skills and analytic concepts to improve personal, group and organizational relationships and effectiveness.

During this minor, students will also be stimulated to and trained in developing their logical and critical thinking skills and dispositions they will use in their future career. Furthermore, it nurtures the skills and habits of the mind they will need to be successful in their civic, professional, and personal lives. Critical thinking advocates conscious thinking challenging us to analyse and control cultural assumptions, egocentric behaviours and sociocentric actions. It helps us identify flawed thinking, examine inherited values and expand our capacities for a peaceful world.


The aim of the minor is to introduce and train students into the basic organizational behaviour concepts and their application in contemporary organizations. Further, students will be stimulated to develop their logical and critical thinking skills and dispositions essential for their future career. Additionally, students will be provided with the  necessary tools for making the first step in developing interpersonal skills. Acquiring these interpersonal and critical thinking skills will help them not only develop successful careers as leaders and team members, but also effectively manage personal relationships to lead a meaningful and satisfying life. Therefore, this minor focuses on exploring, analysing, understanding and developing these characteristics in students so that they can develop personally and professionally, becoming eligible candidates on the 21st century job market, and emotionally and behaviourally well-balanced human beings in general.  


Accessible for students who have finished the first two years of a bachelor programme from all institutes of NHLStenden and other (Dutch) universities of applied science (Exchange and Grand Tour). 


Weekly online Portfolio tasks

Student Led Seminars


Compulsory literature

Other needed literature is available at the library of NHL Stenden.


Fulltime 9 weeks