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The Art of Ethical Leadership

Want to work with business and organizational partners from different sectors on specific challenges facing ethical leadership? Get challenged to co-design advice, workshops, codes of conduct and other practical professional products? Then The Art of Ethical Leadership is the right minor for you! 

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The minor 'The art of ethical leadership is an inspiring training in groundbreaking ethics for world-wise professionals.  Ethics is doing the right things for the right purposes. This is easier said than done, working in a complex environment with high pressure to perform. Sincere attention for fair work, integrity and responsibility can be unsettling, especially in a complicated situation with conflicting interests. How can you inspire others to go beyond profit and self-interest? 'Soft power' is the ability to attract and cooperate, rather than coerce in order to create more value.  


You learn how to apply key concepts of ethical and critical thinking. And most importantly, you gain typical 'soft power' skills from experienced and world wise professionals. The minor is divided into clear phases in order for you to attain an equal distribution of your study achievement. 

Are you curious about how you, as an individual, can work in a meaningful way and do honest business? Respecting ethical issues, such as caring for one another and the environment, transparency and taking responsibility for the entire chain? Do you want to learn concrete skills and use them in a meaningful future career? In this minor you get some answers to act in the interest of all involved, as stated in the 2030 goals of the United Nations. The learning outcomes of this minor are developed in collaboration with our partners in business.  


Minor is accessible for students who have obtained a propaedeutic degree from a bachelor's programme and 30 credits from the post-propaedeutic programme associated with that programme.


  • My Moral Compass (Assignment)   
  • Organizational Ethics Design (Assignment in group)   


Two teaching days and two days of self study and cocreation with business.