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American Studies in English

Are you fascinated by the United States? Are you curious to know the stories behind what you see in the media? Are you interested in American History and Politics, in Race and Ethnicity in the United States and in the idea of ‘The American Dream’? The American Studies minor is what you’re looking for! 

Minor content

To take this minor, you should have a keen interest in the US: its history, its culture, its politics, and its people. The minor includes an American History course, necessary for a clear understanding of how America came to be as it is today. The other courses rest on this understanding of history to focus on aspects of modern-day American society. 



The minor is made up of 6 modules:

  • American History 1 
  • American Political System 
  • The American Dream 
  • Race and ethnicity in the US  
  • American History 2 
  • Research Project 

You will learn about the US in a variety of ways, including lectures, discussions, group activities and assignments, presentations, debates, etc. You will also hone your research skills on a topic of your own choosing, culminating in a research paper. Within this minor, you may choose to spend approximately a month in the US. You will base your research paper on investigations you carry out in the US, and we will arrange a flexible program around your travel plans for your studies. 

Note: While lessons will be taught in English and readings will be in English, written work may be done in Dutch. You should be able to understand spoken American English and read in English at B2 level on the Common European Framework of Reference scale. 


English at CEFR level B2 for listening and reading is required.


Two modules close with a written test. One module is assessed through a portfolio in combination with a written test. Two modules are assessed through a combination of a written assignment and a group assignment. The last assessment is the research project. All assessments except the three tests will use a rubric.