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Do you want to learn how to make a good business idea or do you want to learn how to find out if your idea could lead to a successful business? Then this minor is the right one for you. You will develop a promising business idea for your own company and develop yourself as an entrepreneur. With the help of experienced entrepreneurs you will work on your own business.


  • Collaborate with students from all kinds of studies and learn from each other.
  • Build a network.
  • Experience interesting guest lectures and excursions.


Content of the minor


The minor roughly consists of two parts; the group phase and the individual phase. In the group phase you learn how to develop a good business idea and how to make an idea succesful. Together with your fellow students, you get to know all kinds of models and you will make a journey of discovery, leading to an idea with high potential. In the individual phase you will work on your own company. You will gain all kinds of marketing- and financial knowledge and you will also have the chance to dive deeper into topics such as online marketing or finance. Lectures, workshops, assignments, guest speakers and excursions are organized to support you.



The minor starts with an introduction to get to know each other.

Then everyone is assigned to an intervision group to share knowledge and experiences and to help each other. This group could be regarded as a study group. The tutor is also your mentor, who guides you individually in your learning process.The main parts of this learning process are described above.

In the first period, the most important aspects of business development are introduced. The learning objectives are more or less fixed. To get in touch with the most important aspects of entrepreneurship, all kinds of group assignments have to be made and workshops and guest lectures are organised.

In the second part, you will set your own learning goals with the help of your mentor, depending on your plans and what you encountered in the first period. Most students subsequently choose to set up a business individually. You can also set up a business together with another student if you want to. Supporting lectures are offered in the field of marketing, finance and practical entrepreneurship. During the second period every student is in addition to an intervision group, also part of a community of expertise. Here you can specifically deepen the knowledge of your own choice. At the end of the minor, a super interesting excursion abroad will be organized, an ideal way to end your stay in our minor.


Students with vague, or concrete plans to become entrepreneurs. Students eager to acquaint themselves with the hows and whys, the do's and don’ts in industrial life are also welcome..
Are you unsure whether you really want, of have the nerve, to join? Just do it! You have nothing to lose in this semester and afterwards, if you want to, you can just stop. You’ll learn a lot anyway, and chances are you’ll want to continue.

This minor is offered by Communication and Multimedia Design. 


At the intake session a personal learning route will be outlined. Progress will be evaluated by means of portfolio assessments which should include a self-reflection report. In addition we will require you to participate in peer-assessments. You will have ample opportunity to demonstrate your entrepreneurial skills.