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Creative Programming for Non-IT Students 15 ec

No profession in the world is conceivable without an IT component. IT applications are used at every level in business, education or government.

No field in the world exists without ICT. With this minor you can build a bridge between your sector and ICT applications and professionals. With this minor on your resume. 'computational thinking' is not an empty concept but a demonstrable and immediately applicable skill.
No prior knowledge is required and all disciplines are welcome (except ICT). At the end of the minor you will develop your own product that is relevant to you personally or to your field of study. The minor is based on the most popular Harvard University minor and can result in a Harvard Certificate. You can find more at

Minor content

The minor Creative Programming for Non-IT Students uses online teaching materials from Harvard University. The assignments are small programming assignments that you complete in an online environment. They are immediately automatically tested and checked for you.
But please note: this is not a correspondence course; it is full-time education. Every week you and your own group have (online) meetings, lectures and activities. So you follow a normal program, but the school building is online (Discord and Blackboard).

Everything in this minor revolves around programming with Python and SQL (for databases). You complete assignments individually or together with others that become more extensive and complex every week. This starts with the classic “Hello World” and ends with applications that you would not have thought possible at the start!

What comes along a few times is the Online Scavenger Hunt: a Real-Life Hunt for answers where you use all kinds of real-life techniques and sources. The results and methods and resources used are added to the portfolio and are therefore part of the final work.

The final work is a portfolio with elaborations of assignments and your own project. You come up with that project yourself, in consultation with the teacher, and create it yourself. Final projects have been created that are market worthy!

This minor is offered by the study program Computer Science.



The minor covers 420 SBU = 15 EC. Within this module, work is done on competences related to the analysis, design and realization of applications. This is in line with the competences as described in the Dutch HBO-I domain. We work individually and in groups. Lessons and studio are completely online.

This minor also focuses on personal learning style and development within this field. Questions such as: How did you learn and how can you relate what you learned to your own study and field?
The minor is completely online and all teaching materials are also offered online. Almost all teaching materials are in English. Several times a week, also at different times, you have meetings and other activities. This is a fairly full and full-time program (unsuitable for part-time students) and cannot be combined with internships or other study obligations.


Admission requirements

The minor is accessible to every regular full-time HBO student, with the exception of ICT students. No programming experience or knowledge is required.

The program is 100% online. More information on


During the minor, assignments are carried out and evaluated in a portfolio. These assignments, together with the final project, result in a grade.

Aanvullende informatie

The minor is completely online and all teaching materials are also offered online.