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Creative Programming for Non-IT Students 30ec

No profession in the world is conceivable without an ICT component. ICT applications are used at every level in business, education or government. The modern professional must not only be able to understand how such an application "thinks", but must often also be able to provide applications with additional and specific tasks. Computational thinking is key.

The minor Creative Programming for Non-IT Students is based on the most popular Harvard Minor and can result in a Harvard Certificate. The minor starts at zero. No prior knowledge or experience is required. 100% Online. More information on

Minor content

This minor consists of English online video lessons, provided by Harvard University, and all kinds of small exercises and assignments. Those assignments are little programming puzzles in the programming context C and Python, SQL (for databases) and web. Obviously guided by our own teachers.

In addition, individual and group exercises are performed that are aimed at strategically solving problems. The online studio forms an active community in which students, together with teachers, look for the best way to solve the assignments.

This minor is offered by the study program computer science.


Structure of the minor

The minor covers 840 SBU = 30 EC. Within this module, work is done on competences related to the analysis, design and realization of applications. This is in line with the competences as described in the Dutch HBO-I domain. We work individually and in groups. Lessons and studio are completely online.

This minor also examines the personal learning style and development within this field. Questions such as: What have you learned? But also: How would you later be able to apply programming within your own study and expertise?


Recommended Knowledge

The minor is open to every Applied Sciences student, with the exception of ICT & Creative Technology students.

No prior programming knowledge is required. The program is 100% online. More information on



During the minor, assignments are carried out. The assignments, together with a portfolio and a Final Project result in a grade.