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Music Business: Digitisation for the Music Business of Tomorrow

Digitisation of the Music Business is one of the key drivers for hiring future professionals. Whether you want to manage an artist, release a song or album or book and promote a live event. Audiences as well as professionals have to deal with a digital music industry. In this minor you will learn about the music industries as well as collaborate with industry partners to become the digital music professional of tomorrow!

Minor content

In this minor we focus on two main aspects: to teach you about the basics of the music business and to work on a strategic project that helps the industry to move forward. All core programme discusses the industry as a whole and you will pick a specific career path (artist management, label or release management and live management (booking and promoting)) that you are interested in developing into.

We do that by offering you the follwing:

Basics of Music Business
- Cases on particular subjects that we investigate and discuss. You will work from a case, do your homework to understand the theoretical side of the industry and discuss and learn from industry professionals.
- Workshops and lectures from industry professionals.
- Individual career path; you get time from us to develop your own career path into the Music Business. You will translate your ideas into specific goals that allow you to grow a career in the industry.

Strategic Project
- We collaborate with industry professionals from e.g. ESNS, SPOT Groningen and 3S Music Management.
- We solve their problems through design thinking in a project that you will present to the industry.
- We have an international approach; that means that we collaborate with international partners from the Music industry in Europe to solve problems for that particular field.

This minor is offered by Creative Business.


Structure of the minor

The minor Music Business is a full semester minor of 30EC. You will work in teams up to five students on a wide variety of cases related to digitisation in the music industry. During the semester your classes will be in Ateliers, Coach meetings and expert meetings and collaboration sessions. Every semester we will include:

- Collaborations and co-creation sessions with industry partners such as ESNS, SPOT Groningen and 3S Music.
- The ability for you to get in touch with industry professionals. We have had groups that got in touch with over 25 professionals for a single project. You are in the lead, we like to share our contacts.
- Visits to industry partners or conferences.


Target group

Students need to have a background in management studies and a clear preference to a career in the music industry if they enroll in this minor. If you are currently studying something different than management studies, it is recommended not to enroll for this minor or to contact us early on. This minor is developed for students with a media or other creative industries (leisure, tourism and hospitality) management background. Having experience in design-based education will help you a lot in this minor. If you do not have experience with design thinking we highly recommend that you study on this methodology as well.



In the minor we work with learning outcomes on which you will be assessed. We work with group assignments, but a student is individually assessed within the minor. You will be assessed on your personal development, which is measured by handing in a portfolio.

Aanvullende informatie

We will start with a minimum of 15 students. 

Please be aware that some additional costs can arrive from traveling from Leeuwarden to Groningen. If you are an international student or if you do not have a funded public transportation card, you need to cover these costs yourself. This is about 100 euros for the semester.


Additionally, we will offer your possibilities to attend conferences and festivals with us. These are not mandatory and costs need to be covered by yourself.