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About Hostmanship: Creating purpose driven human experiences

The way WE ACT, REACT and FEEL is unique and yet very much connected to people we meet in our lifetime.

Hostmanship is the art of making people feel welcome and it Starts with “YOU".

If Going on Urban Safaris (fieldtrips) to a secret location, observing and engaging in experiential learning while uncovering your art of hostmanship is your passion, this is the minor for you. The best part, is this minor 100% offline and in connection with others.
Note – The Urban Safaris (fieldtrips) are estimated to costs approximately, Euro 500 per participant (transportation, venue, accommodation).

During the minor, we engage in active learning sprints to unravel your art of Hostmanship. Every week begins in the LIVING ROOM and we have a landing moment around our CAMPFIRE, intrigued? During each week we dive deeper into what makes you a memorable and beloved host to your peers/colleagues, strangers as well as guests in our world.

Hostmanship is a game changing mindset that contributes to your professional and personal life.

Did you know that along with the credits on the minor, you also have the opportunity to receive the official industry certificate as a “Hostmanship Practitioner”?
Why do our senses matter? Why do we like meet and working with colleagues, Why does your grandmother's apple pie makes you feel at home? How do photographs and visuals impact our emotions ? How can you remember and always take time to surprise someone? What stops us from hosting? What techniques can support you to manage the monkey mind?

Minor content

In this minor you will learn and experience how to move towards being a welcoming host who treats yourself and others to feel appreciated, seen, and feeling welcome. You will see that by doing something unexpected in your interaction with someone, you easily create a wow feeling. Just by being curious and open-minded. Based on theories in humanism, positive psychology, sociology, hospitality and Hostmanship, you are going to work on real-life hostmanship Challenges that represent all the above aspects. Inspiration will be offered during guest lectures, Safari-field trips, inspirational sessions: five senses, Intercultural Awareness and Sensitivity, Behaviour and Photography. Participant observation technique, emotions, commercial friendships and campfire sessions to make a cocktail of sustainable behaviour change for you in your private and your future career. Hostmanship is everywhere!


Structure of the minor
  • Structure of the minor
    ALO 1. Mastering knowledge in the field of Hostmanship and executing the Hostmanship Method you will be able to demonstrate a grasp of the philosophy, current literature (book presentation) and research on Hostmanship as well as other related academic fields of interest. (3 ECTS).
  • ALO 2. Hostmanship Experience - Applying skills, knowledge, attitudes and values in designing and executing a Hostmanship based human intervention to a selected community. During the minor you will receive inputs, feedback and as group to prototype, test and reflect on the real world Hostmanship experience to deliver a memorable experience.(6 ECTS).
  • ALO 3. Becoming an Artist in Hostmanship; Reflecting on your professional and personal development. You demonstrate the ability of reflecting and acting upon your learning process, including personal behavior and the Art of hosting. You show understanding and the ability of effective goalsetting and planning based upon your personal Hostmanship ® mission and constructive peer feedback resulting in a more welcoming behavior for yourself and others. You master your own learning process towards your Art of Hostmanship by creating wow moments for others. You will give little act of kindness and will explore what the impact is on you the other and the ones you do not know. You will proof all this during an exhibition during the final visualisation. During the campfire sessions, self-study, journaling, inspiration gatherings, Safari’s and human interactions during the Hostmanship Challenges in the ateliers, you will be prepared to be a Host for your future you in your personal and professional life. (6 ECTS)

This minor gives you the chance to contribute to a community where everyone feels genuinely appreciated and welcome! In a world where technology, individualism and online working has become increasingly common, a true connection with our guests, clients, and self is lacking.
We know you believe that it is time to change this now and here and invite you to join us on the minor About Hostmanship: Creating purpose-driven human experiences.


This minor ABOUT HOSTMANSHIP is all about creating meaningful dialogues where everybody will be seen and feel welcome. We encourage and welcome all who choose this minor to welcome themselves and others to make a better world. We see you as a human being with wishes and needs and not as a student number. In your work environment, we hope that this mindset will be executed and felt by others.


Available in Semester 1 (MP1) and Semester 2(MP3)

Monday & Thursday – Atelier and Inspiration sessions, *Guest Lecture

Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday – Self Study, Literature, Journaling 

(*Guest lectures and safari’s may be scheduled on Tuesday/Wednesday


  • ALO 1 – Peer Assessment – 3 ECTS
  • ALO 2 – Reflective presentation on the Hostmanship Experience   (Group) – 6 ECTS
  • ALO 3 – Visualisation Showcase (Individual) – 6 ECTS

Aanvullende informatie

This minor is offered by Hotel Management.

Testimonials of students

People, relationships, connections, friendships, community: knowledge from very various topics that relate to Hostmanship. This minor allowed us to grow in various ways, personally and professionally. I learnt that hospitality is full of psychology and philosophy and not only the big things matter but the simplest can make the biggest impacts. There is nothing truer that the feelings you give and receive are the most memorable and valuable."  

"Hostmanship cannot be taught, you either have it or you don't, the input from the minor is only a way to help you discover your inner host."

"I notice that I see opportunities in daily life to be a host and I also take action to be a host. Usually I only thought hosting happened at my workplace, but now I see daily opportunities are also there. I love giving people a WOW experience with a small gesture, so I think that is my key take away. Spreading happiness."

"very personal experience, relatable to daily life, campfire sessions to reflect on the week, informative and fun inspiration sessions."