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Change agents in business - 2024-2025

The minor "Change Agents in Business" is all about giving you the knowledge and skills to navigate and facilitate organizational change. We'll cover essential elements like change management, innovation, leadership, and team dynamics, all with a practical, real-life focus on how they work in large and mid-sized companies.

In the world of business, change is always happening. Every business has to adapt to face today and tomorrow's challenges, not just to survive but to thrive and make a lasting impact. 

Now, let's dive into the concept of a "change agent" in business. A change agent is someone who encourages and supports a new way of doing things within a company. This could involve introducing new processes or products, adopting a new way of doing business, or transforming an old business model into something new and exciting. 

During the course, you'll get the chance to work directly with organizations, getting a behind-the-scenes look at how they operate. You'll learn practical skills in starting, planning, designing, executing, and communicating change within an organization. We'll pay special attention to understanding the organizational and cultural aspects of change, and we'll equip you with strategies to effectively handle resistance.   

You and your team will get hands-on experience applying various innovation and change models, tools, and methodologies. This will show you how organizations can foster a culture of creativity and adaptability, staying current and relevant in the ever-changing business landscape.


  1. Analyse the context of the organisation and formulate an Innovation Strategy​
    - Scout and analyse key Industry Trends​ 
    - Design possible future industry scenarios​ 
    - Formulate impact on the (current) Innovation Strategy in 3 time horizons and advise how to (redesign) the Innovation strategy​ 

  2. Analyse the current and future state of the organization’s innovation capabilities enabling the implementation of the innovation strategy​ 
    - Make inventory of the capabilities (organisation & governance, portfolio & Project management, leadership & culture, innovation accounting, innovation execution) available for innovation capacity and their current use​ 
    - Define the current and future maturity level per capability (gap) and determine the priority for development for each capability gap​ 

  3. Design a realistic transformation plan to mature the innovation capabilities​ 
    - Identification of specific interventions to improve/mature innovation capability​ 
    - Justifies the feasibility and viability of the interventions in terms of its fit with the company’s innovation ambition and strategy.​ 
    - Present a supporting business case of a holistic value growth for the organisation (in terms of economic, social and sustainability value)​
  4. Personal development and contribution to teamwork​ 
    - Functions effectively in a small team in different roles​ 
    - Define possible consulting roles in a corporate organisation fitting your profile​ 
    - Giving and receiving professional feedback during the study module​ 


The Corporate Startup How Established Companies Can Develop Successful Innovation Ecosystems (Tendayi Viki & Dan Toma)  

Ten types of Innovation: The discipline of building breakthroughs (Larry Keely e.a.)  


3 days a week, 12 hours a week


Group Work 

  • Trend report​ 
  • Innovation Strategy & Innovation Portfolio Design​ 
  • Analysis of the organization’s innovation capabilities (Innovation Maturity Matrix)​ 
  • Transformation Program (including a business case)​ 


  • Personal self assessment of the quality of products of own group assignment​ 
  • Stakeholder Feedback (non content related)​ 
  • Future consulting roles in a corporate organisation

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At this moment, all available spots for this minor have already been filled. It is still possible to register for this minor, however you will be put on the waiting list. In the week of 6 May we expect to let you know whether we can place you.

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