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Entrepreneurship: Create your Start-up - 2024-2025

Issues? You solve them. One way or another, you come up with something. Work for someone? No, thanks, I'd rather not. You work hard mainly for yourself. Sky-high ambitions? Absolutely! That is where your indomitable urge to prove yourself comes from. You are someone who really wants to go for it. 

Are we describing you? Then you are made for the minor Entrepreneurship: Create your Start-up.

Maybe you have always been full of ideas to change the world, but you do not know how to implement them yet. Or maybe you have been trading for as long as you can remember, but never turned it into a real business. Whatever the entrepreneur in you wants to know, in the Entrepreneurship minor you will learn all the tricks of the trade. 

You take up the challenge with students from different programmes: you set up your own company. To achieve this, you join forces with a number of ambitious fellow students. As a team, you step outside your comfort zone for six months. Because that is where the magic happens! 

Under the guidance of enterprising teachers, you immerse yourself in the entrepreneurial world. From writing a business plan to creating a minimal viable product (or service). From thorough market research to a multi-year budget: all facets of entrepreneurship are discussed. 

Laying the (theoretical) foundation is essential, positioning yourself in the field is just as important. That is why in this minor you often go out to conquer the market. You sell yourself and your company in strong pitch battles. 

This minor goes beyond writing your business plan and pitching. You will actually produce and sell your service or product. This means that you will definitely put your marketing and sales skills into practice.


The student can:

  • devise and develop creative and innovative concepts
  • conduct design-oriented research to develop and test products or services
  • conduct market research in an objective manner and market a service/product
  • make a financial plan for a start-up
  • devise and implement marketing and sales activities that are appropriate for the target group


You must have a basic understanding of financial management.


You are expected on location approximately three days a week.



Aanvullende informatie

This minor is also offered in Dutch in semester 1 in Haarlem and The Hague.

It may happen that there are not enough registrations for a module, which means that it had to be cancelled.