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International Entrepreneurship - Breda

If you are interested in finding out if you are a young entrepreneur, you are invited to come and start your business as part of the International Entrepreneurship minor. You will set up, run and manage a start-up in an international setting. You are expected to show a high level of proactivity and independence in this programme, as these are essential entrepreneurial behaviour characteristics. At the end of this  20-week programme, you will know if you have created a sustainable business.

International Entrepreneurship

You develop a business concept and actually execute it in a team of 5 to 6 students: your Student Company. Together, you look for opportunities in the market, think of a solution and find a service or product that matches the needs of your target audience. Your team will pitch an idea in front of a panel, write a business plan and provide a financial overview.

To run your Student Company you need knowledge that you can put into practice. For this reason, you will learn about Law, Finance, Sustainability and Ethics. As a business owner, you will need to explain, convey, convince and persuade – both verbally and in writing. This means communication and sales skills are essential to acquire. As today's companies all have an online identity, social media and online marketing will be addressed as well. While working on your company, you will discover your entrepreneurial talents in an intercultural setting and find out which role suits you best.


This programme is suitable for you if you want to learn how to start and run a company, improve your understanding of various aspects of running an international business, develop an entrepreneurial mindset and work in a multicultural team.


The learning goals of this programme are based on the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework, designed by Entrecomp for the European Union in 2016.

The semester lasts for 20 weeks and is divided into 2 blocks. 

Throughout the semester you will work on:

  • The Student Company addressing Lean Start-up theories, including Creativity, Marketing and Business Planning
  • English Skills for Entrepreneurs
  • Leadership
  • Intercultural Entrepreneurship
  • Online Marketing

During the second block you will also work on:

  • Finance for International Start-ups
  • Online Marketing


You must have level 1 and 2, i.e. year 1 and 2, knowledge in Business Education. If you are a year 3 or year 4 student with a technical education who is motivated to do self-study in basic managerial and financial topics, an interview may be part of your admission procedure.

An excellent command of English is required in order to be able to participate adequately in all activities.

Your enrolment for this programme will depend on availability and will be assessed by the Avans minor coordinator. An interview may be part of the admission procedure.

The programme is offered on year 3 level and is part of the Bachelor of International Business (IB) in Breda.


To be announced


You can obtain a total of 30 ECTS credits. Each component of the programme carries a number of ECTS credits. You are awarded the credits for the components if you receive a final grade of 5.5 or higher and have met any sub-component requirements. You are assessed both individually and based on group work.

Block 1

Lean Start up 1 - Creative Thinking, sustainability & ethics (6 EC)

Law (2 EC)

English- business communication (1,5 EC)

Intercultural Entrepreneurship (Assessment block 2)

Leadership (Assessment block 2)

Online Marketing 1 (2 EC)

Block 2

Student company 2 (Lean startup 2) (6 EC)

Sales (1,5 EC)

Finance for International start-ups (2 EC)

English- business communication (1,5 EC)

Online Marketing 2 (1,5 EC)

Leadership (4 EC)

Intercultural Entrepreneurship (2 EC)

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For more information about the minor or the enrolment procedure, please contact