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“Write LOUD” Creative Writing for Media Makers

The minor creative writing Write LOUD of St.Joost School of Art & Design is created for students looking to establish solid storytelling skills in written form. To help students further define, articulate, and expand their practice through creative writing.

In this course we let you see what a writing discipline can offer a developing visual/media practice. This creative writing practice will be in the form, genre and manner that suits you as a creator with an emphasis on our program’s unique perspectives from the intersection between the literary field and Photography, Film and the Digital, in an interdisplinary approach with Watershed Production House.

This minor is acutely geared towards students who have a solid background in the use of image to convey meaning. This minor is really well suited to students with a background in or affinity for: Visual Arts, Media Production, Design, Illustration, etc. However, we are very open to applications from students in all study areas. We encourage students to write in hybrid forms, across genres and within multiple art forms. This course understands that it is essential for today’s creators to have a strong capacity for TELLING in order to SHOW.

This program opens with Watershed in the form of a “Camp”, guest lecturers and workshops, to get you out of your head and into the writing. Throughout the course you will meet for guest speakers, workshops and inspiration days developed together with Watershed. These will be both onsite, online and/or off-site. There is a solid focus on what the GROUP dynamic can bring to your individual work so be prepared to get close. This is a practice that builds on the understanding that media creation is a collective experience.

During the minor you will develop a media (mixed or hybrid) project with writing as the foundation. Under guidance you will select the form that works best for your theme, material, goals. The forms are open, and you will learn which form best supports your story (think of podcasts, chapbooks, graphic novels, short stories in video and more.


You will establish a practice of writing:

  • You will learn how to step over the blank page.
  • How to resource materials for story building.
  • You will learn and apply editing to your and others projects.
  • How to develop the right tools for your work.

You will learn how to give feedback and reflect on your process.

You will learn how the editing process is an integral to your practice.


  • You need to love writing, you do not have to already be great at it but there needs to be a willingness to learn, to be open to coaching and editorial feedback.
  • Entry to this course requires a starting point. What is the story you come here to tell. It can start with something as simple as a theme, or an event, or something that you already have had laying in your desk drawer for years- but we start with a seed.
  • English reading/speaking is required for the course to a level of B2/C1.
  • You are NOT required to produce work in English.

In the admission application we want to see a short description of your focus (200-500 words) and why this interests you.



Duration of this minor is 20 weeks. In this minor there are around 15/20 contact hours per week.


In this minor, the assessment is integral. You will be assessed by:

  • Your attendance
  • Your process: How sustainable and consistent is your writing practice? Are you capable of giving, receiving and metabolizing feedback? Do you have an editorial process? Can you develop the right methods and toolsets to further your practice?
  • Your end product: Portfolio and Version of your Minor Project with support documentation on process and takeaway

Aanvullende informatie

There will be some classes in the evening and online in connection with guest lectures from the US, Canada and elsewhere - it is required to attend.

When applying, also send an email to You will then receive information about the admission. Please state clearly which minor you are interested in.

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