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Avans Innovative Studio - 15 ECTS

Are you looking for a creative and varied minor during which you learn to experience the world in a different way and during which you’ll really make things? Then Avans Innovative Studio (AIS) in Breda is the minor for you!

In this minor you won’t get regular classes in ordinary classrooms. You won’t get normal tests either. You do get studios, an open and free working environment and varied assignments from the real world. You learn by doing! In the AIS magazine you can read how previous students experienced their time at the minor.

In periods of two weeks, you’ll work on assignments from real clients. Together with students from different studies you’ll look for creative and innovative solutions to the clients’ problems. You’ll make prototypes based on your best concept. That means that you’ll design and make a physical product every two weeks.

The added value lies within the mix of students (so it’s really interdisciplinary), the collaboration with clients, experts and coaches and the speed at which you need to find answers to the questions. Your solutions won’t just stay in your mind, they will come to life in our workshop! And all that at race pace.


You’ll submerge yourself in different questions from different clients. You’ll stretch the boundaries of your imagination, and you’ll learn to look at things in a different way. Sometimes you’ll have to look through rose-coloured glasses. You’ll have to look mostly at yourself, because you’ll realise that you’re full of skills and talents.

In a creative and safe environment, you’ll learn to transfer your ideas to a concept and tactile prototype. While doing this, you’ll be challenged to take risks because you learn the most if you dare to make a mistake. You’ll work on the competences realisation skills, creative thinking, problem solving and reflective skills, interdisciplinary collaboration, innovation skills and professional attitude.


At this minor you’ll learn more about (depending on the involved companies and organisations):

  • Science, engineering, media, computer programming, electronics, product design, fashion design, music, art, film, animations and the making of documentaries
  • Critical thinking
  • Creative problem solving
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration and cocreation
  • The deployment of techniques and technologies
  • Innovative product design and design processes
  • The fabrication of a product and concept in very limited time
  • The application of social and cultural skills


There are no specific admission requirements. We strive to bring as many students from as many different studies as possible together. We do check your expectations beforehand by means of an intake.

The maximum amount of students differs per period. You can check the amount of places that are currently available by sending a mail to

Besides a semester (30 ECTS), you can also participate for a period of 10 weeks (15 ECTS) or 5 weeks (10 ECTS).


You don’t need to purchase any literature. You do have to pay a contribution for the materials that are available at the workshop. That will be a one-time payment of €100 for the whole semester. You also need to keep the costs for an Adobe Creative Cloud license in mind.


Monday till Friday, from 9:30am till 3:30pm. You’ll start with a PreCamp during which you’ll learn creative techniques and you’ll get information about the workshop and the 3D printers. Then it’s time to get started. You’ll meet the client, your teammates (three to four people) and studio coach. Together with them you’ll develop a new concept and product step by step. Experts are standing by to help you. After two weeks, the teams will present their end results to the client and to each other. In between studios you’ll reflect on your learning process, and you’ll determine your focus for the next studio.

You’ll complete at least six studios, a PreCamp week and a ProCamp week (for advanced students). After 20 weeks you’ll end the minor with an exhibition at which you and your fellow students will showcase your best work.


You’ll make several prototypes per studio. During this process you have to record the decisions you make, the effects they have and the way you change direction during the problem-solving phase. You have to keep a daily project blog with written text and images. You’ll receive feedback from the clients, your peers and your studio coaches on a regular basis. You will be graded based on your contribution and personal growth during the entire minor. We will keep in mind your realization skills, problem solving skills, creative thinking, innovation skills, interdisciplinary collaboration, reflective professional and professional attitude.

Aanvullende informatie

Attention: the course Business Innovation Den Bosch (BINNO-H) is linked to this minor. You will need this information when signing up through Studielink.

The location of Business Innovation (Den Bosch) is different from that of Avans Innovative Studio. AIS has its own studio space at OpenX, Hogeschoollaan 1 in Breda.