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Prototype the Future

The future is in a constant state of flux and transition. Design speculations can act as a catalyst for redefining our relationship to reality.


Speculative design thrives on the imagination of its designers and aims at discovering new perspectives on what are sometimes called “wicked problems”. The programme aims at creating spaces for discussion and debate about alternative ways of being, as well as encouraging people’s imaginations to flow freely. 


By building speculative scenarios and turning speculative fabulations into tangible prototypes, designers have the power to influence our collective future.


Within the international “Prototyping the Future” programme students are challenged to research future trends, technologies, scientific insights and social developments. They will do this by engaging in critical debate, lectures, prototyping workshops and design research.

Students are challenged to create their own critical vision of future possibilities which will result in critical speculative stories, immersive interactions and/or innovative prototypes. 


This programme is a perfect fit for students who are excited to explore the future by means of speculative design, design research and technology, in order to enhance their own (design) practice. This programme offers an international context with interdisciplinary teams of experts and students. 




Prototype the Future centres on learning how to carry out practice-based research, within the context of speculative design. During the programme you will learn to expand on your design skills, perform experiments and create work in order to acquire new knowledge and insight. In doing so, you will gain experience of various design research methods and techniques. This will prepare you for carrying out research in the context of your bachelor’s or master’s degree programme or your future profession.


Prototype The Future brings you face to face with complex issues and has an interdisciplinary approach to design and training. To achieve results you must work in close collaboration with students from other disciplines and study programmes.

This programme is part of the Communication & Multimedia Design programme at the School for Communication and User Experience in Breda.

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During the programme we will visit exhibits, events and professionals in the field. Most of the expenses made are covered by Avans Hogeschool, but most travel expenses are your own responsibility.

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Let op: Avans-opleiding gekoppeld aan de deze minormodule is:

Communication & Multimedia Design Breda (CMD-B)

Deze informatie heb je nodig voor de inschrijving in Studielink.



Om je aan te melden dien je:

  • de Kies op Maat leerovereenkomst te downloaden. Vul deze in en zorg dat deze ondertekend wordt door de betrokken partijen:
    -       Jijzelf
    -       Thuisinstelling
    -       Opleiding CMD / Academie voor Communicatie en User Experience van Avans Hogeschool (gastinstelling).
  • de volledig ingevulde en door de drie partijen ondertekende leerovereenkomst naar Ellen Kroes ( te mailen in één pdf.
  • een kopie van je Propedeusediploma naar de studentenadministratie: studentenadministratie@avans.nlte mailen. Zet in het onderwerp dat het om een kopie diploma betreffende je aanmelding voor een minor gaat.
  • een origineel Bewijs van Betaald Collegegeld 2020-2021 op te vragen bij je eigen thuisinstelling. Dit kan bij de studentenadministratie of lesgeld-administratie. Dan kan Avans zien dat jij daar betaald hebt. LET OP: Deze moet met de post opgestuurd worden, omdat het een origineel exemplaar betreft. Je mag deze opsturen naar: Avans Hogeschool, Studentenadministratie, Postbus 90.116, 4800 RA Breda
  • Daarnaast schrijf je je via studielink in.



  • If you would like to enroll in the minor, you can get in contact with Tinke Meeren She will let you know how to apply.

 Here is a guide for the application process:

Avans offers support for finding suitable temporary housing.  and 

Post address:
Avans University
Academie voor communicatie en user experience - CMD
PO Box 90.116
4800 RA Breda
The Netherlands



You are a motivated student with a strong interest in the cutting-edge field of speculative design.

You can take part in this programme with different talent levels and skills, but a basic training and experience in designresearch, creative thinking and a problem-solving mindset are a prerequisite. Either from personal or professional projects. It is important that you have an idea in advance what your subject of interest will be (in general) and where your focus of your research might lie.



  • You are not afraid to learn new skills and work with media technology.
  • You are interested to explore new horizons in speculative design and you want to expand your knowledge of design research and technologies.
  • You consider it an interesting challenge to study in an international context and to work in close collaboration with other disciplines.
  • You enjoy working in a dynamic learning environment with a large degree of independence.
  • You take responsibility for your own learning process and for your team's performance.
  • Your goal is to learn from others and your own efforts. You are open to feedback from your peers, lecturers and experts from the professional field.



  • You are currently enrolled at a Dutch higher professional education institute or university or at a foreign exchange partner of Avans University of Applied Sciences.
  • You have the recommended mindset and feel you fit the profile.
  • You are prepared to take part in the application and selection procedure set out below.



The participants in this programme will be selected based on the following:

  • a portfolio that gives insights into your skills, talents and work and design process and should contain work that you want to present at the admission interview.
  • an admission interview. If you are based outside the Netherlands we will arrange a Skype interview in English.
  • a letter of motivation.

Your portfolio will be reviewed to determine whether you will be asked to attend an admission interview. Please send your motivation and (a link to) your portfolio asap to Sandra Oom: You will be informed about your admission within 3-4 weeks after submitting your portfolio.



The programme examines your growth on three criteria: designresearch skills, speculative design and prototype. A more detailed explanation can be requested with the course leader (Sandra Oom).

Your personal progress and development will be discussed in individual sessions with your teachers and occasionally with other students.

Assignments will be executed individually and in small groups.




The programme starts in September 2020 and runs untill January 2021. It is an English programme. It has a total duration of 30 European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) credits. There is also an opportunity to only follow the first part of the programme, consisting of 15 ECTS which is running from September 2020 till November 2020.


The programme has a 40 hour workload per week – all throughout the semester. You will have on average 20 hours of workshops, lab sessions and lectures per week.