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Interdisciplinary Consultancy - Urban Innovation (open for all studies)

Interdisciplinary Consultancy helps you become a top consultant in your specialist field. This programme is the perfect fit for you if you enjoy helping others, sharing knowledge and want to find out how organisations work.

Thinking outside the box and putting forward innovative ideas and creative solutions have become essential elements of consultancy work. This programme gives you the opportunity to acquire these skills as part of a multidisciplinary team. Together, you will collaborate on a case submitted by students or a real-world business assignment. This involves a project or research assignment in which you both provide sound interdisciplinary advice and implement it.


By studying a problem and its solution using an interdisciplinary approach that involves a variety of disciplines, you learn how to develop innovative ideas as part of a team. The skills you acquire as a team member on this project are vital in your future role as a consultant.

This programme is part of the Bachelor of Business IT and Management at the School of Engineering and ICT in Breda.

You are placed in a team with several other students to work on a shared assignment. As a specialist in your area of expertise, you are expected to contribute your specific know-how and put your skills to work.

Interdisciplinary Consultancy is taught at the Urban Living Lab in Breda. The programme’s lecturers will act as senior consultants who will help you as junior consultants to achieve results. As part of this you will listen to campfire stories, take part in training sessions and follow courses concerning the research approach, project implementation and applied knowledge related to the professional context.

The steps that make up your team project are set out below. During each step, you will focus on gaining the specific competencies required to complete it.

- Conducting an intake with the client
- Defining and clarifying the assignment
- Applying research methods
- Analysing the data obtained
- Formulating several solutions
- Presenting your advice using a range of methode

You will attend sessions at the Urban Living Lab for 2 set days a week. In addition, you can collaborate with students and lecturers in your own virtual community which is always available online.

You will spend about 20 hours a week on the group assignment during a period of 18 weeks. The other 20 hours a week you will work on your individual sub-advice and learning arrangements.

For a better impression of the minor, visit our website and look at our educational video.

You can apply the knowledge you acquire during Interdisciplinary Consultancy immediately when completing your graduation project.

After successfully completing this programme, you will be able to:

  • apply multidisciplinary expertise, both independently and for the purpose of collaboration and integration
  • apply research methods
  • analyse specific problems in professional practice
  • manage a consulting process
  • direct the development of your skills, knowledge and attitude

Upon graduation, you can also apply the skills acquired during the programme in a future role as a manager or consultant. As the Netherlands has the highest number of consultancy jobs in Europe, the career prospects in this country are good if you are aiming for a career in consultancy.

Aanvullende informatie

third-year bachelor's

Start of programme
September and February

1 semester (20 weeks / 30 ECTS credits)

Tuition fees

Exchange students
As an exchange student, you will continue to pay tuition fees to your home institution. This means you do not have to pay tuition fees to Avans.

Other students
If your university is not a partner of Avans University of Applied Sciences, you can join us as a full-fee paying student. For more details, please contact the Avans International Office on +31 88 - 525 80 01 or at


For questions please contact us by email

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This minor is open for all studies. In line with Avans policies for international education, the language requirement will be English at level B2.

The English international classroom will run parallel to the Dutch minor. Available places for this minor will be limited to 16 participants with a maximum of 4 Dutch speaking students.

A skype meeting will be part of the intake procedure. The minor will start with a minimum of 6 students. Hope to welcome you!


Your competency levels will tested by means of integrative assessments. One will be conducted halfway through the programme and one will take place at the end. The VAL method will be used for both of them. This method is based on the principle that you as a student must convince the assessor of the level you have attained for each competency. You can use the VLC and the materials you produce during the period to do so.