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Innovation and Creativity

Grand challenges, economically uncertain times and increasing customer expectations have made sustainable innovation a necessity, more essential than ever. Companies and organisations must constantly stay ahead of competition and deliver value added products and services to satisfy customer needs. For this reason entrepreneurial, innovative and creative people are very much needed to facilitate, manage and realize innovations that matter.  

The minor Innovation and Creativity explains innovation as the process of generating sustainable new products, services or business opportunities. This process – ‘the innovation cycle’ - explores  consumers, markets and trends and exploits new ideas leading to the creation of value added concepts. However, it is not just the invention of a new idea that is important but also “bringing it onto the market”. We teach students to put the ideas into practice and exploit them in a manner that leads to successful entrepreneurial activities as well as a more sustainable future. 

Creativity is one of the essential skills for the successful operation of the innovation process. In this minor students learn how to employ out-of-the-box thinking to generate new value and to bring about significant changes. They also learn how to implement and accelerate innovation and change within an organisation.


By the end of the programme you will be able to innovate and:

 - know and use the innovation cycle

- execute problem finding, ideation, concepting and implementation

- engage creative and critical thinking skills

- Translate a concept into a brand

- Use social media successfully

   Innovation Projects

 In the innovation projects mixed multi-disciplinary groups of 5-6 international students move through the following phases of the innovation cycle:

 The first project focuses on the development of a concept which you will present in a creative way on a suitable location. Potential users will be surprised with the launch of the concept.

The second project asks that you develop, brand and implement a concept for an existing problem. This project lasts 7 weeks, and in the last week you will work solely on the project and demonstrate all the knowledge and skills you’ve learned in this minor. 

The projects aim to develop your innovative and creative skills, as well as offering you hands-on experience doing a project in an authentic and complex situation.


Innovation Projects

Number of ECTS

Project I: 5 ECTS

Project II: 5 ECTS


The courses

The courses are designed to offer you the knowledge and skills to be innovative, creative and entrepreneurial. The courses in the semester are:


Course name

Innovation I: 2 ECTS

Creative Thinking I: 2 ECTS

Design Thinking for Business I: 3 ECTS

Entrepreneurial Marketing: 2 ECTS

Personal Development: 1 ECTS

Innovation II: 2 ECTS

Creative Thinking II: 2 ECTS

Design Thinking for Business II: 3 ECTS

Branding: 2 ECTS

Personal Development: 1 ECTS


Erasmus Students

For international students, the following courses are offered, next to the courses mentioned above:


Course name

Dutch Business Culture:3 ECTS

Basic English:  3 ECTS

Aanvullende informatie


The Avans education linked to this minormodule is:

Business Innovation Den Bosch (BINNO-H)

This information you will need for the enrolment on Studielink.

Check the video of Innovation & Creativity:


Practical information

Level: Bachelor

Language: English B2-level

ECTS: 30

Duration: one semester, September till January

Location: ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Avans University of Applied Sciences, School of Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Innovation

For more information about the minor, contact mr. Koen Demouge (

For more information about housing, enrolment procedure etc., please contact the International Office (

Quentin Leroy, French student: “The minor innovation & creativity is a revolution for the business student. It develops a new concept of creativity and innovation that is not usual in a business school. This results in a new generation of entrepreneurs more aware of the fast changes of today's world”

Narada Clare, Dutch student: “Business, creativity and new possibilities are combined into a minor that gives you a variety of tools to make a change"




A combination of exams, assignments, a research paper and projects.

The program contains two different blocks. Every block is 10 weeks. The regular exams are in week 8 and the resits are in week 10.