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Biorefinery Technology

A biorefinery is a facility that integrates biomass conversion processes and separation equipment for the sustainable co-production of food, feed, energy, fuels and chemicals. With this integrated approach the biomass, as source for renewable energy and bio-based products, is used to its full potential. In this minor/specialization you will learn about the challenges associated to biorefinery developments and implementation.

This minor/specialization attracts Chemical Engineering students from all over the world. Candidates must have basic knowledge in the field of:

  • Laboratory skills, biochemistry, biotechnology, and enzymology.
  • Principles of unit operations (mass and energy balances, separation techniques) and reactor engineering

Chemical Engineering students from the Major Biobased Technology and Chemistry at Avans follow this minor as their Specialization package in the 3rd year of the study (compulsory).


Self-management (2-3), Research (2-3), Development (2), Experimentation (2)


  • Chemical Engineer student
  • 105 approved EC from the first and second year of the Chemical Engineering study program





For all courses and practical/training there is a form of assessment, such as:
- Written exam
- Give a presentation
- Performing an investigation
- Oral assessment

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