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Biobased Technology and Business Development

The climate is changing and resources are depleting. The only way to stop this is for people, businesses and governments to become more sustainable and switch to a more sustainable and biobased economy. Join an international group of students, lecturers, scientists and entrepreneurs, and discover the possibilities of biobased technologies and business developments.



The body of the minor Biobased Technology and Business Development consists of two multidisciplinary group projects. In the first group project you work for a client (company or government) that wants to become more sustainable and/or introduce a new sustainable product on the market. It is the task of you and your group to come up with a business plan for your client looking at the technical aspects, marketing and finances. To be able to do this, your group will consist of four students with different backgrounds (engineering, environmental science, financial, marketing, …). In the second group project, you have the task to make a city of your choice climate neutral.

To help you to participate in discussions on biobased technology and business development, and realize an excellent plan and advice for your client:

  • your group will have weekly meetings with your group tutor;
  • you will be able to confer with technical , financial and marketing specialists;
  • you will get several skills workshops and games;
  • you will have guest lectures and excursions;
  • you will take several courses and trainings (depending on your educational background).


More information about the courses and trainings can be found under ‘testing’.



“I liked the project and working with a team with different backgrounds. It allows you to learn from each other.”


“This minor was really interesting and I really learned a lot about the way a biobased economy works and what you need to do to realize one.”


“This minor helped me to improve my English skills.”


"I really liked it that all the courses are related to the project. The new knowledge that you gain helps you to improve the end result of the project for you project client”


“We did a very fun project that was really applicable for our client. I liked the different fields of research that we had to do for the project.”


What the world needs now more than ever is new ways of exploring new sustainable technologies and an understanding of how to market these ideas and their products. In this unique multidisciplinary semester program, you will learn about these challenges looking at technical, marketing and economic aspects. Discover how you can help companies make a successful transition to a sustainable and circular approach. You do this together with a group of international students from different study programs. Broaden your knowledge. Strengthen your international network and focus. Be future proof!



Open to students who have a sufficient level of English in speaking and writing.


This minor is tailored to the needs of students with a technical, environmental sciences, financial, business management and/or marketing background. But if you have a different background and are interested in biobased technologies and business developments, you are very welcome to join this minor.


Not applicable


This minor will start at the beginning of September and finish at the end of January.



The minor consists of the following subjects.


For all students:

  • Introduction weeks (2 ects): In the first two weeks you will have an introduction program. During this program you get to know your fellow minor students and Breda (social program), we introduce you to working in multidisciplinary project teams or a client, and we offer you different games on entrepreneurship, sustainability and creativity to introduce you to the theme of the minor.
  • Group project Biobased chains (12 ects): Case study for a client (governmental organization or company) that wants to (further) develop and implement a biobased technology and/or become more sustainable.
  • Group project CO2 neutral cities (4 ects): How can you make a city climate neutral and how you can convince the people involved to go for your ideas?
  • Sustainable challenges (2 ects): Course that discusses the challenges that companies face when switching towards sustainability (including the role of the different stakeholders).
  • Biobased Business Development (MOOC) (1 ects): This training teaches you how to use the marketing function as a pivotal tool in building better customer relationships.
  • Guest lectures & excursions (1 ects): guest lectures from and excursions to companies that are focussing on a biobased and circular economy.


Depending on your educational background you can make a choice from the following subjects to complete the 30EC of this minor:

  • Advanced biobased technologies (2 ects): This course is a combination of a MOOC (you can choose from different MOOCs on biobased technologies) and classes that go deeper into the technologies that are subject of the group project. For students with a technical background.
  • Investment Decisions (1 ects): This course will teach you all about the concept of 'time value of money' and ‘Cost of Capital' and how to use them for making investment decisions.
  • Biobased business models (1 ects): a successful introduction of biobased products/innovations requires new innovative business models. This course will discuss the latest developments.
  • Biobased battle Brazil (1 ects): One week project together with Brazilian students working on a biobased problem for a Brazilian company.
  • Doing business with your talent (1 ects). During this training you will find out more about your talents and entrepreneurship qualities. Can and do you want to become an entrepreneur?!
  • Marketing and branding instruments (2 ects): this course gives an overview of the different marketing and branding instruments to market a new (biobased) product or technology. You will apply one or more of these instruments in the group projects.
  • Communication instruments (1 ects): when you work for a client or when you want to market a product, there are different ways of presenting your results such as infographics, blogs or story maps. This training will give an overview of the different options for you to apply in the projects
  • Introduction to biobased technologies (1 ects): An introduction to biobased technologies for students with a non-technical background. The content of the course is related to the content of the group projects.
  • Think Biobased (MOOC) (1 ects): online course that gives an introduction of all technological, financial, marketing and social aspects of a biobased economy. Mainly for students with a non-technical background.


The different courses of the minor are assessed separately and are each awarded a number of ECTS. You are awarded the ECTS if you receive a final grade of 5.5 or higher or a pass for a subject. You are assessed both individually and based on group work. We use different assessment methods depending on the course/subject (written assignment, oral assessment, presence, presentation). There are NO exams.


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Students from all over the world are invited to register for this minor. All communication (both oral and written) will be in English.