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Global Health

Play a crucial role in worlds health care!

IntroductionAt least half of the world’s population still do not have full coverage of essential health services (WHO, 2019). As becoming health professional you are challenged to contribute to Sustainable Development Goal 3 to ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages. In this minor you will focus on what is needed to deliver health care in a resource-poor setting, not only to sick individuals, but also to the communities of the families of the patients.
As a nurse you can play a crucial role in primary health care, mother and child health and health promotion. Basic knowledge of tropical diseases as well as health resource allocation plays hereby an important role.

If there are too few enrollments, this minor will not take place.



At the end of the minor...
1) You have an overall overview of global health and development cooperation
2) You are able to critically interpret and use epidemiological information, gathered by evidence based resources;
3) You are able  to determine socio-economic and cultural factors which influence health
4) You are able to recognise and interpret symptoms of various common diseases in low and middle income countries;
5) You have insight in global policies on common diseases in low and middle income countries;
6) You have insight in methods of intervention, treatment and management concerning these diseases.
7) You have an opinion on how you would like to contribute to global health and development
8) You are aware of strengths and pitfalls in intercultural communication

Aanvullende informatie

   It is highly recommended to follow the minor Building a better World prior to this minor.

Minor coordinator: Tineke de Groot (

Procedure na inschrijving:

  1. Download je leerovereenkomst(en) stuur daarna een verzoek naar je eigen examencommissie met in de bijlage de door jou ondertekende leerovereenkomst(en).
  2. In afwachting van het besluit van je examencommissie reserveren wij de minorplaats(en);
  3. Je eigen examencommissie geeft akkoord door de leerovereenkomst(en) te ondertekenen en te voorzien van een stempel van je hogeschool;
  4. Deze ondertekende en gestempelde leerovereenkomst(en) stuur je naar;
  5. Nadat de leerovereenkomst(en) bij binnen is/zijn, ontvang je een mail met daarin de stappen die je moet ondernemen om je aanmelding voor de minor(s) definitief te maken.


It is highly recommended to follow the minor Building a better World prior to this minor.

Verdere ingangseisen: 

    1. De propedeutische fase moet succesvol zijn afgerond.
    2. Verder verwachten we van je dat je competentie niveau 2 (post propedeuse) bezit. Dat betekent onderstaand:
    • We gaan er van uit dat je complexiteit kunt analyseren, leertaken kunt ontwerpen en zowel zelfstandig als interdisciplinair kunt samenwerken.
    • We prikkelen je om verschillende invalshoeken te hanteren en in dialoog te gaan met andere disciplines en culturen.
    • Gedurende de hele minor vragen we je ook om kritisch te reflecteren op inhoud, context, proces, eigen persoon, eigen beroep en levensbeschouwing.


In this minor the following topics are covered:
-      the relation between health and poverty;
-      Primary Health Care;
-      Mother Child Health;
-      tropical diseases and clinical reasoning;
-      Health Promotion;
-      Health Resource Allocation;
-      Epidemiology;
-      Intercultural communication

As assessment you are asked to write an individual essay with your opinion on global health (5EC). As a subgroup you have to formulate an advice to the Ministry of Health (MOH), of a given country, based on a thorough analysis of the current situation (10EC).


November - February

The exact timetable will be announced in due time.